The LearnDoEarn Student Achievement System is a national program that gives students, their parents, and their teachers information they need to make the best  academic, behavioral, career, and financial decisions in middle and high school so they can become college-ready, career-ready.  Two product lines are available; one for traditional classroom learners (The LearnDoEarn Classroom Experience), and another test that is especially designed for individuals with different learning styles and/or learning challenges (The LearnDoEarn Almost Real Experience).  All LearnDoEarn products are highly versatile and easily adaptable to middle and high school classrooms, after school programs, alternative school/programs, and a wide spectrum of student population including those with cognitive or developmental disabilities

The LearnDoEarn Almost Real Experience is a set of sequential experiences that simulate the world of work, from job application and pre-employment testing through various workplace and educational scenarios in which students play critical decision-making roles, complete as individuals and teams, and win or lose, just as in the real world.

The LearnDoEarn Games continue with a simulation, mirroring the world of work with hands-on learning experiences related to getting the job and keeping the job.  Some types of games include: 

  • Ready, Set, Interview Game
  • Hiring Game
  • Budgeteering Game