Students who wish to sign up for a parking permit must complete the online application, print the PDF attachments from email confirmation and follow the form requirements described in the email.  All parking permit applications must be submitted to the Main Office. 
    If you are a student who will be riding in the vehicle of another student you must complete an MCST Rider Permit (document found below). Rider Permits are required for transportation to class or any school-sanctioned event. Completed Rider Permits care to be submitted to the Assistant Principal's Office.

Parking Permit Instructions

  • Parking Permit- Click on the link below:  

    Parking Permit Online Application * NOTE - Application is restricted to students school email & password*                                                                  

    • Read and complete all parts of the form. 
    • Upon completing the form a PDF of your responses will be sent to your email.
    • PRINT the document and take the following steps:
      • Have the form signed by:
        • Applicant
        • Parent/guardian
        • Home school Vice-Principal (Share-time students only) - If you are unable to get VP signature, you may attach and email from VP approving parking.
      • Return the signed document to the Ms. Mankofsky in the Main Office, located in Building 1, along with copies of valid:
        • Driver’s license
        • Vehicle registration
        • Insurance Card (Temporary insurance cards may delay processing of the application)

    You will receive an email from Ms. Mankofsky upon the approval of your application and when you parking sticker is ready for pick up in the Main Office.  Only those with a parking sticker may park in the student parking lot.

    Share the Keys Online Registration for MARCH 4, 2020 at 7:00 pm in the Cafeteria.  Please note that registration is restricted to students email/password.


MCST Rider Permit

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.