Science Department

White blood cells magnified
  • The Science Department of Morris County School of Technology provides a rigorous academic program to prepare students for college and/or technical careers.  In our program, students become scientifically literate through guided and open-inquiry, hands-on experimentation, problem solving, interdisciplinary projects, application of technology and critical thinking.  We stress the importance of collaboration and cooperation with peers to enhance the communication skills needed to prevail in the 21st Century.

    In addition to core curriculum courses required by the state that are aligned with the NGSS, MCST offers elective science courses that expose students to a variety of scientific studies and careers fields.  Our students will have the opportunity to take classes such as Anatomy and Physiology, Environmental Science, and Forensic Science.  Highly motivated students may take Advanced Placement Physics.

    Anatomy and Physiology and Biology students have access to state of the art equipment such as our Anatomage table, the world’s first virtual dissection tool. Vernier equipment and dedicated software are available for students of all science classes, in which students have access to challenging, rigorous lab experiments and data-processing tools. In using hands-on equipment, students will be exposed to cutting edge applications of scientific concepts.