Fine Arts Department

  • Art reflects culture and culture reflects art with music and art providing the prism to the many cultures around the globe. Music  and art education has also been proven to accelerate learning, increase memorization skills, develop fine motor skills and have a positive influence on cultural awareness. Art and playing a musical instrument is about setting and achieving goals, learning the virtue of patience, sharing talents, expressing yourself, and building self-confidence. 

    The Music and Art departments' mission is to develop students 21st century skills while encouraging artistic creativity and proficiency. We believe that if students can critically think about what they hear in music or see in a work of art, then they can heighten their ability to play a song or paint a picture.  Students will obtain a diverse understanding of music and/or art while they acquire knowledge of arts practice through large group critiques, interpersonal communication, class collaboration and the utilization of mixed media. Students will be encouraged to develop a proficiency of music and art by pursuing multiple courses offered by the departments. 

    “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy”   ~Ludwig van Beethoven~


Sample student artwork--woman partially submerged in milky water with flowers around hair