Welding Student working

    Located at Morris County School of Technology, Denville

    The Welding Technologies program exposes students to the essential concepts and principles of welding, fabrication and machine shop principles and concepts. Students learn the knowledge and skills required to perform the functions of a welder. Students will have the opportunity to earn AWS Student Certification. Upon completion, students may advance their studies through participation in the Continuing Education program at MCVSD. An articulation agreement provides students with the opportunity to begin the post-secondary program with advanced standing.

    Morris County high school students in 10th grade may apply for their 11th and 12th-grade year. 

Overview of Program

  • Students attend the following sessions for this Share Time program

    Year 1 Students: Morning Session 8:00 - 10:40 am
    Year 2 Students: Afternoon Session 12:10 - 2:50 pm

    Students earn: 20 Career and Technical Education credits per school year

    Students learn:

    • Tool and Shop Safety
    • Gas Metal Arc Welding
    • Flux Core Metal Arc Welding
    • Shielded Metal Arc Welding
    • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG)
    • Air Carbon Arc Cutting
    • Plasma Arc Cutting
    • Print and Drawing Interpretations
    • Oxy/Fuel Cutting System
    • Fabrication
    • Machine Shop Concepts
    • Applied Math Concepts
    • Applied Science Concepts
    • OSHA 10 Training and Certification
    • AWS Student Certification


    Students are required to:

    • Read and comprehend information at the high school level
    • Use metric and standard measurements
    • Initiate tasks independently based on curriculum
    • Follow multi-step directions
    • Work in accordance with safety procedures when using flammable and/or potentially dangerous materials