Sophomore Year

  • Things to do in 10th Grade:

    • Plan a rigorous course schedule.
    • Keep your grades up.
    • Get more involved! College are looking for students who have a variety of interests: though it is better to have depth in a few activities than to have less depth in many activities.
    • Consider a leadership role in one of your extracurricular activities.
    • Keep a list of your activities and involvements inside and outside of school: Volunteer!
    • Which classes are your favorites?  Research careers which are in line with your interests and talents.
    • Establish strong time management skills. Build your vocabulary and continue to improve your reading and writing.
    • Visit college web sites, attend local college visits, collect college literature. This will jump start your junior year!
    • Prepare for standardized tests.  But remember, some colleges are test optional.
      • The PSAT10 will be given to all students interested in late Winter/early Spring. From those results, you can study skills you are deficient in. 
      • Use Khan Academy to start studying now.
      • Take a practice SAT and ACT to see which test you like best. Prepare for that exam. 
      • Pick up an SAT or ACT study book at the library/book store.
      • ***Please Note- Students will not take the actual SAT/ACT until winter/spring of Junior year, so there is a lot of time to study.


    Things coming up: 

    If you want to look ahead to se how MCST prepares you for Junior/Senior year, please click on the appropriate student tab. Try not to jump ahead too much. Focus on the now. We will get you prepared when the time comes! 

Sophomore Parent Night 2022 Q & A

  • Coming Soon in Winter 2023.....

    Students and parents/guardians will be invited to attend an information night in college prep as a 10th grader heading to 11th grade soon!

    Everyone should try to attend. Video's and Q&A's will be posted soon.

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