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Senior Year Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.  How do I get to the brag sheet?

    -Counselor Brag Sheet

    2.  What is my senior year class size (2023)?


    3.  What is my class rank?

    -MCST does not rank. You do not have a rank.

    4.  What is our GPA scale when filling out CommonApp?

    -Please use the 5 point scale if you choose to report your weighted GPA. If you are reporting your unweighted GPA, you should use the 4 point scale. It does not matter which you report, this is personal preference. Schools will see both on your high school transcript.

    5.  How do I find my State ID/NJ Smart ID?

    -Your State ID # is the same as your NJ Smart ID and is located in Naviance under "About Me" -> My Account.  It is also on your transcript. 

    6.  How do I fill out the SRAR report?

    - You must list your courses exactly as they appear on your high school transcript. Make sure you ask your counselor or a guidance secretary for a copy. 

    - Please note: Some schools may require you to submit your application prior to receiving a link to fill out their SRAR. In order to give yourself enough time, we suggest you apply a minimum of 5 days prior to the school's deadline.

    -SRAR Colleges

    7.  Should I list my spring courses in Common App even though I do not know what I am taking yet?

    - You should list all fall classes and all potential spring courses. If you do not know the exact title of the course you plan to take, you can say "to be determined" (TBD) after a subject you plan to take. For example, if you plan to take math, but are not sure what course, you can write Math TBD. 

    8. Will my transcript show the courses I am currently taking at a partner college?

    - Your transcript shows every course you ever took from 9-12th grade. It will have all of your fall courses on it and structured learning experience (internship). Your mid-year transcript that is sent to colleges in January will have fall and spring classes. Your counselor letter of recommendation explains to colleges that spring courses are not on your transcript yet, since they have not yet been chosen. Having said that, you should list potential classes in common app, so colleges can see what you plan to take and the rigor of your schedule. 

    9.  When should I request a transcript? 

    - Please make sure to request your transcripts at least 10 school days prior to your deadline. Below are some important dates to keep in mind.

    Deadline Dates:

    October 15th Deadline: Request no later than September 29th

    November 1st Deadline: Request no later than October 18th

    December 1st Deadline: Request no later than November 14th

    January 1st Deadline: Request no later than December 9th

    10.  What if "Initial Materials Submitted" is in my Naviance list, but I did not request a transcript yet?

             -  This means that school is a self reporting school. The status was automatically changed because this school does not require initial transcripts to be submitted.  They do likely require an                      SRAR to be completed by you.  See #6 for more info on SRAR.

    11.  Do I list Structured Learning Experience (Internship) as a course I am taking senior year?

    - YES! Make sure you list it as a full year class. 

    12.  What should be included in the Honors section of the CommonApp?

    - Any academic accomplishment and any school/community/state/national awards & recognitions should go here. Please make sure to list your most important or outstanding first. This section is not for listing honors courses that you have taken. 

    13.  Should I submit my test scores if my school is test optional?


    • "My test scores are above average, but I didn't do as well on the SAT/ACT as I personally would have liked." You should submit your test scores.

    • "Standardized testing has always been a weakness of mine. My grades and curriculum are rigorous and competitive, but my SAT/ACT scores are below the school's mid-range." You should not submit your test scores.

    • "I don't want to pay or can't afford to send my test scores." Scores can be sent using a free option. You should submit your test scores- ask your counselor or college admission officer.

    • "Sending my test scores is an obstacle and will take way too long." You should submit your test scores.

    • "My best scores are way below my school's published mid-range scores."  You should not submit your test scores.