• Due Thu 11/29

    Multiple Choice #1-47 ODDS

    Chapter Problems #1-27 ODDS


    Due Mon 12/3

    Multiple Choice #1-48 EVENS, 49-61 ODDS

    Chapter Problems #1-27 EVENS, 28-37 ODDS


    Due Wed 12/5

    Get caught up on any previously assigned homework


    Due Fri 12/7

    Multiple Choice #49-61 EVENS

    Chapter Problems #1-27 ODDS, 28-37 EVENS

    Free Response #38-40 (all the way in the back of the homework packet)

         Note that #40 the bottom half of the chart is missing from the hard copy of the homework packet. Please 

         refer to the link I provided to the homework packet above to access the full chart. 


    Due Tue 12/11

    Study for the Ionic Bonding Quest (60 points). Here is that practice sheet we were doing towards the end of class along with an answer key.