• Test Date: Thursday, 9/27


    Due Thursday, Sept 13th

    1. Multiple Choice #1

    2. Free Response #4


    Due Monday, Sept 17th

    If necessary, complete homework that was due Thursday 9/13. There is no new homework assignment for Monday.


    Due Thursday, Sept 20th

    Memorize the names and formulas of the seven diatomic elements (example: Hydrogen, H2)

    Multiple Choice #2-9 (Matter and Classification)

    Free Response #1-5


    Due Monday, Sept 24th

    Free Response #5-8, 12-14, 17-18 (Periodic Table and Classifying Elements - pages 3-4)

    Metallic Character Multiple Choice #1-3


    Due Wednesday, Sept 26th

    Study for the Chapter 1 Test. You have many resources to do so including several graded and ungraded worksheets, the Gizmo, and the provided study guide. You will also want to review the free response and multiple choice problems you previously completed for homework. 


    Here you can find:

    An answer key for the study guide


    The worksheets we did along with answer keys


    A link to the review Quizizz. (Join code: 703530)