• Due Tues 3/19

    Multiple Choice #1-12

    Practice Problems Set I: #1a, 3a, 3b, 4a, 5a, 5b


    Due Thu 3/21

    Multiple Choice #27-47 ODDS

    Practice Problems Set I: #1-3 ALL


    Due Mon 3/25

    Multiple Choice #27-47 EVENS

    Practice Problems Set I: #4-6 ALL


    Due Wed 3/27

    Multiple Choice -- get caught up on any previous ones, if necessary

    Practice Problems Set I: #7-10 (skip any parts of a problem that are crossed out)


    Due Fri 3/29

    Multiple Choice #72-82

    Practice Problems Set II: #21a and 21b, 23, 24


    Due Tues 4/2 

    Study for the Stoichiometry Unit Test!

    You have several very useful resources, which include a review Quizizz (Block 4 Quizizz from class access code: 931282; Block 5 Quizizz from class access code: 518761). You can also use your study guide and the many worked out problems that Mr. Q worked through. You can find links to all of this on Google Classroom. Feel free to also go through the many example problems from your guided notes and assigned homework.