• Weight Room Rules


    The number one concern in the weight room is SAFETY.

    Enter the weight room mentally and physically ready to work.

    Proper attire must be worn while lifting.

    There will be no SPITTING in the weight room.

    There is absolutely no horseplay allowed in the weight room.

    Return all weights to their proper storage area after use.

    Be aware of other lifters whom you are around.

    Always use common sense.  If you see potential danger, please report it.



    Always wear a weight belt in all core lifts or when lower back is stressed.

    Breathe in and out on each repetition.

    Never bounce, jerk the weight, or arch your back while lifting.

    Only use the amount of weight you are prepared to lift properly.

    Never attempt “one rep max” that you have not trained for.


    Free weights

    Use collars on all Olympic bars.

    Do not drop or throw weights on the floor.

    Unload bars (evenly) when you are finished with them.

    Use a spotter with core and overhead lifts.

    Never get under the bar without a spotter.

    When two or more weights equal one weight, change to that higher plate.



    Spotters must always have their full attention on the lifter.

    Be in the ready position to help or free the lifter at any time.

    Do not allow the bar to tilt as the lifter performs the exercise.

    Use an over/under grip when spotting the bench press.

    Help guide the bar on and off the rack.

    Always know how many reps the lifter will be performing (communicate)


    Weight room etiquette

    No sitting allowed (except while performing certain lifts).

    Always be ready to help and encourage anyone who may need help.

    Socializing should be done outside the weight room.

    You must get permission before leaving the wt. room for any reason.

    No food or drink is allowed in the weight room. (water is ok)

    Upon Enterting the Weighroom

    • Stretch
    • Attendance 
    • 8-10 minute warm up 
    • Fitness Plans



    • You will be graded daily on your participation, effort and respect of the weightroom. In addition, you will be graded on your abilitly to properly dress and complete daily assignments
    • Fitness logs will be checked and graded at the end of each week 


    • No Jeans, boots, cut off shirts, spandex shorts, open toed shoes(same requirement and expectation as P.E)
    • P.E. Shirts MUST be worn 

    Topics Covered 

    • Par Q 
    • SMART Goals 
    • Sqaut Assessment & Video 
    • Bench Assessment & Video 
    • Muscle Identification Quiz 
    • 1RM 
    • Muscle Contractions / Vocabulary 
    • Phases of Fitness 
    • Fitness logs / Plans (Daily) 
    • Loading - Horizontal vs. Vertica 
    • Warm Up Activity (Project) - Date TBD. 


    • Fitness Logs/ Plans (Daily) - Submitted at the end of each week 
    • Warm Up Activity (Project Grade) - Date TBD

    Medical Assignments  

    •  Unlike P.E, your medical assignments will be different. Medical assignments must be turned in at the end of class and completed in its entirety. Medical assignments in flex and strength will consist of articles related to fitness and written short responses. 
    • Medical Assignments and response sheets can be found in the front of the fitness center.