• Welcome To Fitness Club 


    Late Bus Schedule 2022-23


    ZOOM LINK! - Click the waiver for the link, meeting ID and password 
    Virtual Fitness Club ZOOM & Waiver 

                                                                    Please fill out the attached waiver and have it signed and sent to my email madayk@mcvts.org PRIOR to your first day!

    Dates: Tuesday / Thursday

    Time: 3:15-5:15 
    *Please be prompt in being picked up on time. Failure to do so may terminate your ability to remain as an active club member*
    * Late busses available leaving MCST @ 5:30*

    Location: Fitness Center - MCST

    Contact: Ms. Kristen Maday (NASM-CPT) / Mr. Kevin Brophy
    Email: Madayk@mcvts.org
    Phone #: 973-627-4600 x263
     Office: Locker Room 

    Certifications: NASM - CPT/ WLS 
                            AHA BLS Instrucor


    Please refrain from the following:
    - Scandalous fitness attire 
    - Inappropriate language/behaviors 
    - Glass Bottles
    - Peanut Butter 


  •  Swapping Made Simple. 
    1. Instead of a bagel, use an English muffin
    2. Instead of low-fat milk/ 2% milk / almond milk/ coconut milk   
     ** Look out for fructose - or syrup on the bottom of your yogurt. You can always add in your own fruit.
    3. Instead of OJ, eat an orange 
    4. Instead of bread, use a wrap or use lettuce as a wrap
    5. Instead of white bread (simple carb), use whole grain bread (complex carbs) 
    6. Instead of crackers, sub in apple slices or sliced vegetables
    7. Instead of a flour tortilla, use a corn tortilla or none
    8. Instead of chicken fajitas, skip the tortill
    9. Instead of a hamburger role, wrap your burger in lettuce
    10. Instead of potato chips, eat apple chips or skinny-pop popcorn
    11. Instead of milk chocolate, eat dark chocolate!    
    12. Instead of a vanilla frappuccino, order a french vanilla latte - no sugar 
    13. Instead of a premed parfait, make your own! You can control what you put inside
    14. Instead of a cinnamon roll, toast two pieces of cinnamon raisin toast with light butter 
    15. Instead of butter and syrup, top your banana pancakes with pecans and yogurt 
    16. Instead of traditional trail mix, snack on a whole grain variety
    17. Instead of salted peanuts, opt for unsalted
    18. Instead of ice cream, swap it out for frozen yogurt
    19. Instead of soda, drink seltzer
    20. Instead of plain water, change it up! Add lemons, berries or mint.
    21. Instead of iced tea, opt for unsweetened with lemon OR an unsweetened gree tea from Starbucks
    22. Instead of cheese and crackers, spread it on flared, or eat it with vegtables 
    23. Instead of peanuts, swap it for edamame for a protein filled snack