• Welcome to Freshman Health 

    Contact Info: 

    Mr. Kevin Brophy 

    Email: Brophyk@mcvts.org

    Phone #: 973-627-4600 x113

    Room #: 104A

    Course Description

    This marking period course is designed for Freshmen. Students will be able to make informed and educated decisions on sexual health, reproduction and sexual identity as evidenced through the use of tests, quizzes and cooperative activities. Students understanding of how life begins and how self-esteem and respect are essential characteristics to a healthy relationship will be demonstrated through using projects, including PowerPoint presentations and  internet use.


    Course Requirements: 

    · Students are required to participate in classroom activities

    · Students will exhibit respectnot only to the teacher, but to fellow classmates, substitute teachers and to themselves.  

    · The topics discussed in class will require everyone to act in a mature and responsible manner.

    · Be respectful and thoughtful of others and treat the subject responsibly

    ·  Attendance is important.  Students are required to be on time and prepared (notebook, pen/pencil and daily worksheets).

    · If a student is absent it is his/her responsibility to contact the teacher for any makeup work.  Students making up the work will have the same amount of days equal to the time all other students had to complete the assignment. 


    Criteria for Student Performance: 

    Students will be assessed using a variety of methods. These methods include:
    Written Exams
    Teacher Observation
    Group Activities
    Journal Entries
    Group discussion

    Grading Scale

    Tests/Quizzes    -         35%                 Minimum of 3
    Homework      -            10%                Varies week to week including essays/journals
    Class Participation -      25%                 Includes behavior and in class assignments
    Projects  -                    30%