• Welcome to English 11! 

    Course Description: The course provides eleventh grade students an in-depth study of American literary classics.  They will have the opportunity to reflect on and develop their own aspirations, analyze the American Dream, develop and understand the nature of self-reliance, grapple with the ideas of perception and reality, examine the power of language, and reflect upon the past to help define the future.  Students will read many fiction and non-fiction works, continue to develop their persuasive writing and speaking skills, enhance their research skills, and take the next step in preparing for their senior experience.

    Students will be able to 

    • Use literary and dramatic terms properly
    • Understand the development and structure of literature
    • Engage in the all aspects of the writing process to draft, revise, and publish original work
    • Demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English grammar and usage
    • Identify and analyze ambiguity in literature
    • Write and speak persuasively
    • Select, read, and analyze a grade appropriate novel
    • Decode rhetoric in non-fiction
    • Evaluate an other’s point of view, connotation and word choice
    • Write routinely over extended time frames
    • Prepare and lead a literary discussion
    • Work cooperatively and effectively in a group