• Daily Homework Assignments


    Due Wed 10/3

    Section I: Atomic Models -- Multiple Choice #11-18, 25, 27, 28


    Due Fri 10/5

    If necessary, get caught up on previously assigned homework. No new homework for Friday.


    Due Wed 10/10

    Watch this video and take notes on the sample problems on energy, frequency and wavelength

    Section I: Energy, Wavelength, and Frequency -- Multiple Choice #29-50, 56 (skip questions #51-55 that are crossed out)

    Free Response #27 on Atomic Models


    Due Fri 10/12

    Get caught up on the homework that was due Wednesday, if necessary. There is no new homework. 


    Due Wed, Oct 24th

    Study for the Chapter 2 and 2.5 Test!

    You can access the review Quizizz by going to quizizz.com, then find the "Join a Game" tab in the top right. Enter join code 565125.

    Also here is a fully worked through Bohr Model transition problem.