Academy for Sports Medicine

  • LOCATED AT Roxbury HS 

    The Academy for Sports Medicine  provides students with a comprehensive foundation in the examination, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of emergent, acute or chronic injuries and medical conditions.  Students will also learn how to treat and manage patients with concussions, acute sprains, strains and fractures as well as performing rehabilitation with post-operative patients.  Students will gain in-depth knowledge of sports performance testing with devices such as force plates, hand held dynamometers and functional movement screens.
    Students complete 25 clinical internship hours in the 10th grade and 30 clinical internship hours in the 11th grade. Students in this program can earn up to 26 credits through Seton Hall University and an additional 26 credits through Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Clinical Coordinator

Phone: RHS 973-584-1200 x1287


Degrees and Certifications:

Undergraduate: Bachelor of Science, Exercise Science Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ Graduate: Master of Education with Specialization in Athletic Training Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia Internship: Norfolk State University

Mr. Joseph Koch

Hello and Welcome to the Academy of Sports Medicine. I have been the classroom instructor of the Academy since its inception in the 2019-2020 school year. In addition to being a teacher, I have also been practicing as a Certified Athletic Trainer at Roxbury High School since 2018. By continuing to practice I am able to assist students in the real world application of the concepts learned in class.  

Some areas of expertise include:
Clinical evaluation and diagnosis of Injuries
Immediate and emergency care of injuries 
Rehabilitation, therapeutic exercise, joint mobilizations and modality usage and selection
Concussion evaluation and management
Heat Illness and acclimatization 
Injury Prevention and sports performance testing 
Strength and Conditioning
Special certifications held in:
First Aid
Functional Movement Screens
Selective Functional Movement Assessment
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
A member of the Seton Hall University Graduate Athletic Training Advisory Board 
Preceptor for Seton Hall University Graduate Athletic Training Program
A member of the County College of Morris Exercise Science Advisory Board

Academy Teacher

Phone: 973-584-1200 x0370


Degrees and Certifications:

Undergraduate: Bachelor of Science Exercise Science - Nutrition Concentration University of Scranton, Scranton, PA Graduate: Masters of Science - Athletic Training Seton Hall University, East Orange, NJ

Mr. Corey Forlenza



National Athletic Trainers’ Association

Athletic Trainers’ Society of NJ

Certified CPR instructor

Seton Hall Excellence in Research Award

Experience: NY Giants, FDU, Seton Hall, Caldwell Univ.

Career Field - Sports Medicine

  • Career Pathways in Sports Medicine (include but are not limited to):

    Therapeutic Services:  Art/Music/Dance Therapist(s), Athletic Trainer, Certified Nursing Assistant, Chiropractor, Chiropractic Assistant,  Dietitian/Nutritionist, EMT/Paramedic, Exercise Physiologist  Kinesiotherapist, Licensed Practical Nurse, Massage Therapist, Medical Assistant, Nurse Practitioner Occupational Therapist, Mobility Specialist, Orthoptist Orthotist/Prosthetist/Technician Pedorthist, Physical Therapist/Assistant, Physician (MD/DO), Physician Assistant, Podiatrist,  Radiation Therapist, Recreation Therapist, Registered Nurse, Rehabilitation Counselor, Surgical Technician, Wellness Coach

    Diagnostics Services:  Specialist Cardiovascular Technologist, Computer Tomography (CT) Technologist, Sonographer, Exercise Physiologist, Technologist Radiologist 

    Health Informatics: Admitting Clerk, Applied Researcher, Health Educator, Health Information Mgmt. Administrator, Health Information Mgmt. Technician, Healthcare Access Manager, Healthcare Administrator, Information Privacy Officer, Managed Care, Medical Coder, Medical Historian, Medical Illustrator, Medical Transcriptionist, Patient Account Manager, Patient Advocate, Patient Information Coordinator, Public Health Educator.

    Support Services:  Community Health Worker, Dietary Manager, Dietetic Technician, Environmental Health Advocate, Environmental Health Practitioner, Environmental Services/ Specialist, Food Safety Specialist, Health Advocate, Medical Health Counselor, Mortician/ Funeral Director, Nurse Educator, Occupational Health Nurse, Occupational Health & Safety Expert, Social Worker Transport Technician

    Seniors at the Academy for Sports Medicine have completed internships with (including but not limited to):
    Advanced Cardiology and Primary Care LLC
    Active Care Physical therapy
    Tri County Orthopedics
    Ivy Rehab 
    Sports Care Physical Therapy
    Twin Boro Physical Therapy
    Parabolic Performance
    Inception Athletic
    Crunch Fitness
    Celebrate the Children
    Carroll Physical Therapy
    Jag One PT
    NJ Center of Physical Therapy 
    Athletic Republic
    Krank Sports Performance
    Santiago Sports Chiropractic
    MT. Freedom Physical Therapy

Academy Course of Study

  • 9th Grade

    • Foundational Components of Athletic Training & Physical Therapy: This course provides a general overview of the allied health professions of athletic training and physical therapy. It is intended to inspire the students to think critically about the various disciplines, roles and opportunities of the members of the sports medicine team. The course will engage the students with cooperative learning opportunities as well as self directed projects.
    • Clinical Internship  (25 Hours): Students can choose to perform a combination of clinical internship hours between the athletic training, physical therapy, occupational therapy and adapted physical education options  

    10th Grade

    • Pathology & Prevention of Sports Injuries: To introduce students to the sciences of human anatomy and physiology as well as skill development, prevention of injuries through exercise, basic rehabilitation, sport psychology, the tissue response to injuries, understanding basic taping, wrapping and bracing for injuries, clinical evaluation, recognizing the needs of different sports injuries as well as injuries/conditions seen in the lower extremity.

    • Clinical Internship  (25 Hours): Students can choose to perform a combination of clinical internship hours between the athletic training, physical therapy, occupational therapy and adapted physical education options  

     11th Grade

    • Kinesiology & Orthopedic Assessment: To continue to facilitate the comprehension of the science of human anatomy specific to the examination skills including the locations of anatomical landmarks (muscle origins, insertions, bony landmarks, ligaments). To discover proper movement patterns of the body and the causes and consequences of poor movement. Upper extremity anatomy, injuries, concerns and issues with associated rehabilitation,and appropriate selection of therapeutic modalities will also be reviewed.  An introduction to necessary adaptations for special needs students. To be introduced to traumatic brain injury evaluation and management as well as facial injuries, general medical conditions and youth injuries.

    • Clinical Internship  (30 Hours): Students can choose to perform a combination of clinical internship hours between the athletic training, physical therapy, occupational therapy and adapted physical education options  

    12th Grade:

    Senior Year College Option: Providing students meet the academic criteria, they may attend County College of Morris for all academic and occupational courses and earn up to 24 credits, paid for by Morris County Vocational School District

    Continue at Roxbury High School for advanced courses/projects including:

    • Injury Rehabilitation, Management and Surgical Intervention: This course is designed to give the student a detailed examination of exercise physiology and the effects of nutrition and supplementation as well as the effects of pharmacology, post-injury management techniques.  The curriculum will focus on surgical techniques and their implications on rehabilitation/activity and capture the totality of injury management including pathology, immediate management, diagnostic imaging, definitive and differential diagnoses, medical management, medications, surgical intervention, post-injury and/or post-surgical management and rehabilitation.  The objective is to apply skills learned from 1, 2 and 3, while working independently on research projects. Students will also assist in the instruction of students in the first three courses in order to facilitate comprehension.
    • Introduction to Exercise Science/Introduction to Exercise Psychology

     Structured Learning Experience (SLE): Required 120 hour Internship