Grade 12 Options: Comprehensive Information

  • For information on how to register and what to register for, please view the below slideshow.  Slides 8 & 9 include the courses you MUST take in the Fall/Spring:

    Grade 12 Options NEXT STEPS

Course Options/Offerings (CCM)

  • For a full list of approved courses for EACH semester, please click here: 

    CCM Semester Course Breakdown & Approved Courses

    For a full list of approved CCM courses for Academy Classes, please click here: 

    CCM Academy Approved Courses.

    In addition to the full list, broken down by academy, ALL academies are able to take the following courses at CCM for their Academy:

    • COM 104 Interpersonal Communications    
    • COM 109 Speech Fundamentals        
    • CMP126 Computer Applications (all but CIS students)
    • CMP128 Computer Science 1 (all but CIS students)  
    • BUS 112 Introduction to Business (all but FIB students)
    • ACC 110 Elements of Accounting (all but FIB students)