Summer/Enrichment Programs

  • Looking for a HIGH SCHOOL summer class? Visit the  Option II page on this website AND see below.


    Educere has provided a list of ORIGINAL credit courses, which you can view here:

    Educere Original Credit Courses

    In Person:

    Newark Academy (Livingston, NJ) has ORIGINAL credit courses:

    Newark Academy Academic Enrichment Courses

    Delbarton Summer School (Morristown, NJ) has ORIGINAL credit courses:

    Delbarton Summer School Courses

    The Morris Hills Regional District offers ORIGINAL credit courses (Accelerated):  

    Morris Hills Summer Program


    Summer and Other Enrichment Programs  

    Summer and other enrichment programs can help to benefit students in several ways.  Students can gain hands-on experience, take fascinating courses, earn college credits, explore careers and majors, enhance their college applications, make friends and make the most of their summer. Below is a sampling of programs that MCST students have participated in. We encourage you to look beyond this list and find a program that fits you and your interests.