• Welcome to Junior Health!

      Contact Information:

      Mrs. Jessica Prentice (3B: 107 / 4: 104A)   prenticej@mcvts.org

      Mr. AJ Prentice (104A)   prenticea@mcvts.org

      Ms. Kristen Maday (104A) madayk@mcvts.org





      Course Topics

      • American Heart Association CPR 

      • Organ/Tissue Donation 

      • Emotional Health Awareness

      • Understanding depression, addiction, self-injury, suicide, and other mental disorders

      • Mental disorders and social stigmas

      • Social Media

      • Body Image and Social Media 

      • Define death and explain the stages of emotional reaction experienced in facing death

      • Communication skills

      • Aggression/Bullying

      • Stress 

      • Stress management and stress reduction strategies

      • Identify some challenges of aging and discuss their risk factors and possible ways of preventing them

      Course Requirements

      • Please exhibit *RESPECT*, not only to me as the teacher, but to your fellow classmates, substitute teachers and to yourself. The topics discussed in class, will require everyone to act in a mature, responsible manner.  Please be respectful and thoughtful of others and treat the subject responsibly. I will not tolerate anything less!

      • Students must attend classes and be on time for class.  If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to contact the teacher for any makeup work.

      • Students making up work will have the same amount of days equal to the time all other students had to complete the assignment.

      • Students should have a separate notebook or separate section of a notebook for health class.

      • Students must pass one marking period of Health each year to graduate.  Students who do not pass, must go to summer school and successfully complete the class before the start of the next school year.

      • Students will be required to work in groups and individually to complete various assignments throughout the marking period.


      Grading Scale

      Tests/Quizzes              35%                  Minimum of 3
      Homework                  10%                  Varies week to week including essays/journals
      Class Participation        40%                 Includes behavior and in class assignments
      Projects                       15%                 May include CPR/First aid certificatio