• New full-time students entering the Morris County School of Technology must submit the following documentation to the Health Office (by June 30, 2024) :

    1. Copy of updated Immunization Record (This can be obtained from your child's physician)

    2. Medical Release for Middle School Records (printable below)

    3. Completed physical exam dated within one year from the start of school (DUE AUGUST 15):

    • If your child will not be playing a sport here, their entry physical can be completed on the "NJ Universal Child Health Record" found below or here
    • If your child may be playing a sport here, please have the physical completed on the "Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Form" which can be found here

    Lastly, you will also need to complete a Health Assessment Questionnaire and Emergency Reference Card in Genesis to gain access to the parent portal - you will be notified via email when this requirement is activated.