Phone: 973-627-4600, ext.222


Degrees and Certifications:

MA Counseling Psychology Licensed Professional Counselor(LPC) National Board Certified Counselor Certified Student Assistance Counselor Certified School Social Worker

Jennifer Geuther, MA, LPC, NBCC, SAC, CSSW

MCST’s Student Assistance Program was developed to support student success in the school by offering a wide variety of confidential school-based services. These services consist of short-term individual and group counseling, mental health assessments, crisis intervention, substance use prevention and education, and confidential referral services to any student who is experiencing personal, family, and/or peer difficulties. Additional responsibilities include In-service training, drug and alcohol policy development, support services to families, and parent programming.

The Student Assistance Counselor (SAC) supports students who are dealing with but not limited to the following: Academic issues, self-esteem, poor self-image, use of alcohol or other drugs, peer and social issues, LGBTQIA, mental health concerns (anxiety and mood disorders), eating disorders, grief and loss, crisis, pregnancy, family issues, suicide, self-harm, stress management and emotional regulation.

Students can refer themselves or a friend or family member can refer a student.  Faculty members can also refer students. 

All referrals are kept confidential. Counseling services are confidential unless the student indicates that he/she is at risk of harming themselves, harming someone else, or is suspected of being harmed by another individual.