Class of 2025 Questions & Answers Presentation

Department Overview

  • Important Information Regarding Course Selection - Please read before making any course selections

    Pre-loaded courses

    The following courses have already been added to your child’s course selections:

    English I, Math, Biology, World History, Academy Course, Physical Education/Health, Lunch


    The math course listed on your child’s course requests has been determined based on your child’s current level of math based on the below:

    Current Math level



    Algebra I

    Algebra I



    Algebra II

     If you have a question or concern regarding your child’s math level placement, please contact your child’s counselor.  You are also encouraged to look at our Math Summer Skills Review  packets on our website under summer assignments, to measure your skill level.

    Word Language

    You will have the ability to choose a World Language, either French or Spanish.  If you are choosing a level II world language course, please review skills assessment information for Spanish and/or French to help you make an informed decision.   If you are looking for level III or higher please reach out to your child’s counselor.


    Information regarding electives is in our course guide. Student will need to choose either one 5 credit elective or two 2.5 credit electives.  Please note that electives are very low priority. Although we allow students to make elective choices in order of preference, we do not make ANY guarantees that students will get the courses they are requsting. Please go into this process knowing that there is a chance your child will not get any of your first-choice electives. Make sure all of you the choices you are making are courses you are willing to take.