• Senior Health - Overall Health and Wellness

    Dimensions of Health
    •  Grading Scale:

      70% Assignments (Participation, Projects, Classwork, etc)

      30% CRP

      Course Goals:

      Upon completion of this course, all senior students will be able to:

      • Build a general understanding of each dimension of health.  
      • Evaluate various aspects of nutrition and apply them to your everyday lives.
      • Understand the need for sleep as well as sleep disorders and the dangers associated with lack of sleep.
      • Identify the various types of stress and investigate way to safely manage it in our everyday lives. 
      • Use the D.E.C.I.D.E method to improve thier descision-making skills when it comes to Drugs & Alcohol.  

      Course Expectations:

      • Please exhibit *RESPECT*, not only to me as the teacher, but to your fellow classmates, substitute teachers and to yourself. 
      • Attendance and submission of assignments is important. Please submit your assignments on time and in accordance to the individual due dates set per assignment. 
      • Be prepared in class (notebook/folder, pen/pencil, device)
      • If a student is absent, it is their responsiblity to contact the teacher for any makeup work.  Students making up work will have the same amount of days equal to the time all other students had to complete the assignment. 
      • All assignments will be posted on Google Classroom if a student is absent they will have an opportunity to complete at home. 


      Google Classroom Code: pgmpeqw