Community Engagement & Business and Industry Partnerships

  • The Morris County Vocational School District actively seeks and supports community engagement. Business, industry and community partnerships are what make learning in our school different than a in a more traditional school environment. There are a number of ways to become engaged with our school community such as - but not limited to - hosting students for Work-Based Learning (WBL) (i.e. work-study, internships, individual field experiences, job shadowing, service learning projects, etc.), visiting classes as an Industry Fellow (guest teaching, hosting workshops, doing demonstrations, etc.), hosting a student or a group of students for a Field Experience (shadowing/field trip), providing opportunities/projects for authentic learning and assessment (giving a class a real-world project that fits their curriculum and will actually be evaluated and used outside of MCST), serving on specific program's Advisory Council, and participating in and/or sponsoring school-community events such as Makers Day, HackMCST, Auto Show, and more.

    Please keep in mind that proposals for partnerships are encouraged and valued. We wish that we could accommodate all proposals, however, each proposal will be subject to approval which will be based upon the following: curriculum alignment, feasibility (time, personnel, budget, equipment, safety, logistics) and, most importantly, learning potential for our students.

    Please see below for more information.

    Advisory Council

    Authentic Learning and Assessment

    Field Experience

    Industry Fellow

    School-Community Events

    Work-based Learning (WBL)