Academy for Culinary Arts

  • The Academy for Culinary Arts program provides learners with a solid foundation of proven culinary theory on which to build a repertoire of professional skills. Emphasis is placed on current industry cooking and baking methods and techniques. Students get extensive hands-on experience in catering and serving in our commercial kitchen and dining facility.


Academy Teacher

Mr. Miguel Alfonso

Phone: 973-627-4600 ext. 255


Degrees and Certifications:

A.S. in Culinary Arts from Culinary Institute of America- 2001 Ateneo de Manila Bachelor of Arts Interdisciplinary Studies- 1997

Mr. Miguel Alfonso

Before becoming a full-time teacher, Miguel worked in a variety of jobs covering many facets of the culinary industry. For over a decade, Chef Alfonso held various roles in busy establishments in New York City, Montreal, and St. Helena, CA eventually becoming head chef of a longstanding restaurant in downtown Manhattan.  Besides chef positions, Miguel was also involved in catering (private and corporate), food styling and media, and the co-founding of an ice cream company. In this teaching role,  Miguel is fulfilling a long-held dream of sharing his knowledge and diverse experiences in the food world.


Chef Alfonso is a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America and was the recipient of the Brillat-Savarin Medal of Merit for academic achievement. A native of the Philippines, he now lives in Northern NJ with his wife and two young children.

Career Field - Culinary Arts

  • Career Pathways in Culinary Arts (include but are not limited to):

    General Manager •Food & Beverage Manager •Kitchen Manager •Catering & Banquets Manager •Service Manager• Dining Room Supervisor •Restaurant Owner •Baker •Brewer •Caterer •Dietician •Executive Chef •Cook •Pastry & Specialty Chef •Bartender •Restaurant Server •Banquet Server •Cocktail Server •Banquet Set-Up Employee• Bus Person •Room Service Attendant •Kitchen Steward •Counter Server •Wine Steward •Host •Research and Development Chef •Food/Beverage Wholesaler •Product Demonstrator •Personal Chef

    2019-2020 Seniors in the Academy for Culinary Arts completed internships with (including but not limited to):


    Ava's Cupcakes Playa Bowls
    Black River Barn Shake Shack
    Cedar Crest Village SODEXO
    David Alan Caterers Suzi Cakes
    Green Village Deli Sweet Expressions
    Kilwins Tavern 5
    Maplewood Pizzeria and Restaurant The 53 Grill
    Mo’Pweeze Bakery Zest
    Panera Bread  

Academy Course of Study

  • 9th Grade

    Academy: Culinary Arts 1.0

    This course provides professional training in a commercial kitchen. Areas of instruction include gastronomy, sanitation, Mise En Place, fruit and vegetable identification and meat fabrication. Theory work in conjunction with hands-on practice and production will provide students with these important culinary foundations. This course will provide foundational building blocks and academic skills necessary to achieve success in a culinary arts profession. Emphasis is placed on technical skills, study skills and professionalism. Upon completion, students will be able to continue on to a more advanced program of culinary arts training.

    Core Courses:

    • English 9*
    • Algebra I, Geometry* or Algebra II*
    • Biology*
    • Health and Physical Education 9
    • World History*
    • World Language
    • Financial Literacy
    • Academy (see below)

    *Honors courses available and determined by placement testing upon acceptance to MCST


    10th Grade

    Academy: Culinary Arts 2.0

    This course provides a continuance of the foundational building blocks and academic skills necessary for students to achieve success in culinary arts. Areas of instruction include food cost and inventory, cooking skills development I and II, breakfast and lunch cookery and introductory level baking. This course continues to emphasize theory and practical application as well as professionalism.   

    Core Courses:

    • English 10*
    • Geometry*, Algebra II* or Pre-Calculus*
    • Chemistry*
    • Health and Physical Education 10
    • US History I*
    • World Language
    • VPA Elective
    • Academy (see below)

    *Honors courses available and determined by grades and teacher recommendation


     11th Grade

    Academy: Culinary Arts 3.0

    This course builds upon Culinary Arts 1.0 and 2.0, focusing on more advanced culinary practices. The curriculum is delivered through theory work and group and independent projects. Areas of instruction include American regional cuisine, international cuisine, baking science, pastry arts and candy confections. This course also includes an in-depth exploration of hospitality career development, menu planning, farming and alternative food production practices and food safety and sanitation. A class cookbook is developed and students have the opportunity to participate in SkillsUSA.This course also focuses on career ready practices and preparation for Senior year Structured Learning Experiences.

    Core Courses:

    • English 11*
    • Algebra II*, Pre-Calculus*, AP Calculus
    • Physics*
    • Health and Physical Education 10
    • US History II*
    • World Language
    • Elective
    • Academy (see below)

    *Honors courses available and determined by grades and teacher recommendation


    12th Grade at MCST

    Career and Technical Education (Academy):

    • Career and Technical Education Elective (i.e. Virtual Enterprises International, Computer Science Principles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)
    • Senior Capstone
    • OR CCM for Academy coursework

    Structured Learning Experience (Graduation Requirement):

    • All Seniors must complete 120 hours of an approved internship in their respective career field.

    Core Courses: 

    • English 12* (required)
    • Health and Physical Education 12 (required)
    • AP Calculus, Statistics, Foundations of College Math
    • Environmental Science, Anatomy and Physiology I
    • World Language*

    *Honors courses available and determined by grades and teacher recommendation


    12th Grade at County College of Morris

    Eligible Seniors may complete their Senior coursework in full or in part at County College of Morris. See School Counseling Department for more information.

    Required Courses:


    • English Composition I (ENG111)
    • Lifetime Wellness (HED128) or PE (labeled HES)
    • Academy Course (1)

    HOS 102 Food Manaegment
    HOS 103 Food Production
    HOS 117 Intro to Baking
    HOS 118 Intro to Hospitality
    HOS 120 Hotel/Hospitality Management
    COM 104 Interpersonal Communications
    COM 109 Speech Fundamentals
    CMP126 Computer Applications (all but CIS students)
    CMP128 Computer Science 1 (all but CIS students)
    BUS 112 Introduction to Business (all but FIB students)
    ACC 110 Elements of Accounting (all but FIB students)


    • English Composition II (ENG112)
    • PE or Lifetime Wellness (whichever was not taken in the Fall)
    • Academy Course (1) (see above list)

    *See Guidance (School Counseling) Department for additional information on CCM courses

    Structured Learning Experience

    • All Seniors must complete 120 hours of an approved internship in their respective career field.

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