Academy for Finance & International Business

  • The Academy for Finance & International Business is a concentrated program which provides students the opportunity to study various topics in finance and business, such as but not limited to: accounting, personal and business finance,  management, human resources, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Throughout the Academy curriculum there is a specific emphasis on the international business world. 

Academy Teacher

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Degrees and Certifications:

Deirdre Romero

Academy Teacher

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Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Alyssa Sedlak

Finance & International Business Classroom 360 View

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Career Field -Finance & International Business

  • Career Pathways in Finance & International Business (include but are not limited to):


    Securities & Investments: Personal Financial Advisors •Tax Preparation Specialists •Sales AgentsSecurities, Commodities •Investment Advisors •Brokerage Representatives •Development Officers •Securities/Investments Analysts •Stock Brokers

    Business Finance: Accountants• Financial Analysts•Treasurers, Controllers and Chief Revenue Agents•Auditors•Economists•Tax Auditors •Collectors•Revenue Agents •Benefits Specialists •Real Estate Analysts • Certified Purchasing Professionals •Client Managers

    Banking Services: Credit Analysts• Loan Officers• Account Representatives• Tellers•Loan Processors•Customer Service Reps•Data Processors• Internal Auditors•Compliance Officers•Title Researchers & Examiners•Abstractors •Repossession Agents •Network Service Representatives •Operations Managers •Debt Counselors

    Insurance: Claims Representatives, Examiners, and Investigators •Insurance Appraisers•Underwriters• Actuaries •Sales Agents •Customer Service Agents •Processing Clerks •Direct Marketing Representatives •Insurance Brokers •Loss Prevention Specialists

    General Management: Entrepreneur • Chief Executive Officer • General Manager • Accounting Manager •Accounts Payable Manager • Assistant Credit Manager • Billing Manager • Business & Development Manager • Compensation & Benefits Manager • Credit & Collections Manager • Payroll Manager • Risk Manager • Operations Manager • Public Relations Manager • Human Resource Manager • Management Analyst • Facilities Manager • Association Manager • Sports & Entertainment Manager•Hospital Manager • Government Manager • Public Organization Manager • Manufacturing Manager • Purchasing Manager • First Line Supervisor • Senior Manager • Management Trainee • Small Business Owner

    Business Information Management: Information Systems Manager •Accounting Clerk • Accounting Supervisor • Adjuster • Chief Technology Officer • Auditor • Bookkeeper • Budget Analyst • Budget Manager • Billing Supervisor • Management Analyst • Controller • Merger & Acquisitions Manager • Price Analyst • Top Collections Executive • Information Technology Director • Chief Financial Officer • Finance Director • Certified Public Accountant • Project Manager •Cost Accountant • Librarian • Payroll Accounting Clerk

    Human Resources Management: Human Resources Manager • International Human Resources Manager • Human Resources Coordinator • Industrial Relations Director • Compensation & Benefits Manager • Employment & Placement Manager • Employee Assistance Plan Manager • Training & Development Manager • Human Resources Consultant•Corporate Trainer • Training & Development Specialist • Conciliator/Mediator/Arbitrator • Employer Relations Representative • Labor & Personnel Relations Specialist • Affirmative Action Coordinator • Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist • OSHA/ADA Compliance Officer • Pay Equity Officer • Interpreter/Translator • Organizational Behaviorist • Occupational Analyst • Compensation, Benefits & Job Analyst Specialist • Human Resources Information Systems Specialist • Meeting & Convention Planner • Employment Interviewer, Private or Public Employment Service • Personnel Recruiter • Human Resources Assistant • Payroll Professional • Identification Clerk • Human Resources Generalist 

    Operations Management:  Training and Development Manager • Operations Analyst • Sales Manager • Sales Representative • Broker • Agent • Assistant Store Manager • Department Manager • Assistant Department Manager • Salesperson • Customer Service Supervisor • Product Manager • Project Manager • Research & Development Manager • Budget Analyst • International Merchandising Manager & Supervisor • Marketing Manager • Ecommerce Manager & Entrepreneur • Wholesale & Retail buyer • International Distribution Manager • Warehouse Manager • Logistics Manager/Supervisor • Logistics Manager/Coordinator • Marketing Information Manager•Public Relations Specialist • Distribution Worker • Wholesale, Freight, Stocking, Handling, Material Moving and Packing Worker • Traffic, Shipping, & Receiving Clerk • Demonstrator and Product Promoter •Supply Chain Manager •Director of Non-Profit Agency/Organization •Operations Specialties Manager •Industrial Production Manager 


    Seniors in the Academy for Finance & International Business have completed internships with (including but not limited to):

    Allied Wealth Partners M.A. Dermaceuticals
    Bleakley Financial Group Manish Shah CPA
    Duphiney Financial Network Morris County Chamber of Commerce
    Finance Department of Parsippany Troy Hills Township Morris Habitat for Humanity ReStore
    First Night Morris Mount Olive Municipal Office
    G100 Companies
    New Jersey Small Business Development Center of Northwest Jersey
    Garden Homes West Orange Jewelers
    Kent International Inc. YMCA
    Kiera Ogden  

Academy Course of Study



    9th Grade

    Academy: Core Four & International Business Strategies

    The ninth-grade core four course provides an introduction to four of the main areas of business, including management, marketing, finance, and supply chain. During this introductory course students will also focus on developing 21st-century skills that are key to success in both college and careers, including communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving. In international business strategies, students explore various topics including the study of the influences on global business, the role governments play in global business, the structures of international business organizations, importing and exporting goods, trade relations, foreign exchange and international finance.

    Core Courses:

    • English 9
    • Algebra I, Geometry or Algebra II
    • Biology
    • Health and Physical Education 9
    • World History
    • World Language
    • Financial Literacy

    NOTE: Financial Literacy is a 2.5 credit graduation requirement that is taken along with Academy courses throughout 9th, 10th, and 11th grade.


    10th Grade

    Academy: Introduction to Business Law & Principles of Finance

    The tenth-grade year covers an introduction to business law, including ethical decision making, constitutional rights, court systems, contract law, and legal forms of business organization. Through case study analysis, students will practice developing an opinion and respectfully delivering the opinion to an audience. Principles of finance includes the strategies for executing strong personal finance routines and expands to the financial environment of business. Students will explore the areas of financial management planning, investment strategies, financial records, as well as short-term and long-term financial activities. The principles of finance course fulfills the graduation requirement for Financial Literacy.

    Core Courses:

    • English 10*
    • Geometry*, Algebra II* or Pre-Calculus*
    • Chemistry*
    • Health and Physical Education 10
    • US History I*
    • World Language
    • VPA Elective

    *Honors courses available and determined by grades and teacher recommendation


     11th Grade

    Academy: College Level Accounting & Virtual Enterprises International

    The eleventh-grade year focuses on accounting principles, such as analyzing and recording transactions, adjusting accounts and preparing financial statements. The accounting content expands to explore the concepts related to financial and managerial accounting, including inventories, cost of sales, corporate reporting and analysis, financial statement analysis, and the process of costing. With an emphasis on college and career readiness, Virtual Enterprises International (VEI) is an in-school, live, global business simulation that offers students a competitive edge through project-based, collaborative learning and the development of 21st-century skills in entrepreneurship, global business, problem-solving, communication, personal finance and technology. Drawing on the European tradition of apprenticeships, this multidimensional, experiential learning model, which is part of a global network of student-run businesses in over 40 countries, transforms high school students into independent-thinking business professionals and their classrooms into offices. Through developing and managing businesses, students gain expertise in problem-solving, decision-making, communication, collaboration, technology, and accessing, using and analyzing information—21st-century skills that are key to success in both college and careers.

    Core Courses:

    • English 11*
    • Algebra II*, Pre-Calculus*, Calculus
    • Physics*
    • Health and Physical Education 10
    • US History II*
    • World Language
    • Elective

    *Honors courses available and determined by grades and teacher recommendation


    12th Grade at MCST

    Career and Technical Education (Academy):

    • Career and Technical Education Elective (i.e. Virtual Enterprises International, Computer Science Principles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)
    • Senior Capstone
    • OR CCM for Academy coursework

    Structured Learning Experience (Graduation Requirement):

    • All Seniors must complete 120 hours of an approved internship in their respective career field.

    Core Courses: 

    • English 12* (required)
    • Health and Physical Education 12 (required)
    • Calculus, Statistics, Foundations of College Math
    • Environmental Science, Anatomy and Physiology I
    • World Language*

    *Honors courses available and determined by grades and teacher recommendation

    NOTE: Financial Literacy is a 2.5 credit graduation requirement that is taken along with Academy courses throughout 9th, 10th, and 11th grade. This course is transcripted senior year, after the successful completion of the learning activities in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade. If a senior has not successfully completed the financial literacy requirement, the course will be taken in 12th grade.


    12th Grade at County College of Morris

    Eligible Seniors may complete their Senior coursework in full or in part at County College of Morris. See School Counseling Department for more information.

    Required Courses:


    • English Composition I (ENG111)
    • Lifetime Wellness (HED128) or PE (labeled HES)
    • Academy Course (1)

    ECO 211 Principles of Macroeconomics
    ECO 212 Principles of Economics II (Micro)
    BUS 213 Business Law I
    MKT 113 Principles of Marketing I
    COM 104 Interpersonal Communications
    COM 109 Speech Fundamentals
    CMP126 Computer Applications (all but CIS students)
    CMP128 Computer Science 1 (all but CIS students)


    • English Composition II (ENG112)
    • PE or Lifetime Wellness (whichever was not taken in the Fall)
    • Academy Course (1) (see above list)

    *See Guidance (School Counseling) Department for additional information on CCM courses

    Structured Learning Experience

    • All Seniors must complete 120 hours of an approved internship in their respective career field.