Academy for Law & Public Safety

  • The Academy for Law & Public Safety is a targeted program for students interested in law, criminal justice, forensic science, law enforcement, public affairs and humanities.

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Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. Fairleigh Dickinson University M.A.S Fairleigh Dickinson Univeristy

Ms. Colleen Pascale



All students will receive complete instructions in regard to daily assignments as they are posted. During this time students who have questions and require additional help should email me at


I, along with my children, have resided in Randolph for the past ten years. I have two children, one in Randolph High School and another in Monmouth University. Prior to moving to Randolph, I was a member of the Butler Board of Education and served as PTO President. Presently, I am a former member of the Randolph Board of Education. 

I am a 1992 graduate of the Morris County Police Academy and have been employed by the Butler Police Department for 25 years. Currently, I hold the title of Detective Sergeant. I also serve as a School Resource Officer, Juvenile Officer, LEAD (DARE) Instructor and Mentor for the State of New Jersey. I am also an educator for a Morris County School District. I have been a leader paving the way for women for years.  I was the first female Police Officer in the jurisdiction of Butler and have the distinction of being the second woman ever appointed to sit on the executive board of the New Jersey Police Honor Legion, a fraternal charitable organization representing active and retired NJ law enforcement membership. Additionally, I was the first female member of the Butler Fire Department. 

Service and leadership have always been a part of my life both in my community and professionally. I currently serve on the Executive Board of the Policemen’s Benevolent Association and the Butler Policemen’s Association. I am a member of the Randolph Republican Club and was the former President of the Randolph Basketball Booster Club. Previously, I coached in both the Randolph and Butler Recreation Programs.

I have been recognized and awarded many times for my achievements.  In both 2008 and 2009, I received a Meritorious Award from the Morris County Detectives Association.  In 2012, I was presented with a Recognition Award for being a distinguished female in the law enforcement community by the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office.  In 2012, I was again recognized for distinguished service as a female law enforcement officer, and received a Citation of Commendation and Praise from Senator Joe Pennachio, Assemblyman Jay Webber, Assemblywoman Betty Lou DeCroce and Senator Anthony Bucco.  In 2017, I received a Meritorious Life Saving Award for rescuing a man from a burning building. 

I have a Master of Administrative Science Degree from Fairleigh Dickenson University in Teaneck. I also have a Certificate of Eligibility for a Teacher of Law Enforcement.          


Law & Public Safety Classroom 360 View

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Career Field -Law & Public Safety

  • Career Pathways in Law & Public Safety (include but are not limited to):

    Law Enforcement Services:  •Animal Control Officer •Bailiffs •Child Support •Missing Persons •Unemployment Fraud Investigators •Aircraft Operations Officer •Criminal Investigators & Special Agents • Adjudicator •Air Enforcement Officer •Gaming Investigator •Bomb Technician •Game Enforcement Officer •Highway Patrol Pilots •Immigration & Customs Inspectors •Mgr/Supv. Police & Detectives •Police Detectives and Criminal Investigators •Air Marshall •Police, Fire & Ambulance Dispatchers •Police & Patrol Officers •Private Detectives & Investigators •Sheriffs & Deputy Sheriffs •Training Officer •Transit & Railroad Police •Park Ranger •Evidence Technician •Federal Marshall •Border Patrol Agent •Canine Enforcement Officer •Customs and Border Protection Officer • Deportation Officer •Document Analyst • Fingerprint Identification Technician •Forensic Science Technician •Import Specialist •IT Specialist (Information Security) •Intelligence Research - Operations Specialist •Port Security Specialist •Marine Enforcement Officer


    Legal Services: Administrative Law •Attorney •Case Management Specialist •Court Reporter •File and Document Manager • Adjudicator •Information Officer • Student Trainee - Legal •Investigator •Judge • Asylum Officer – Hearings and Appeals •Law Clerk •Legal Assistant •Legal Secretary •Magistrate •Mediator/Arbitrator •Negotiator •Para legal


    Security & Protective Services Security Director•Corporate/Agency Security Director/VP•Corporate Director of Sales•Security Systems Designer/Consultant•Physical Security Specialist Consultant•Student Trainee – Investigations •Computer Forensics specialist•Private/Corporate Investigator•Loss Prevention/Security Manager (e.g. Store, hotel)•Security Trainer/Educator•Security Sales Representative/Manager• Loss Prevention Specialist•Physical Security Assistant•Security Systems Technician (Install/maintain)•Investigative Assistant (private sector) •Security Trainer (Basics)•Canine Enforcement Officer• Transportation Security Supervisor•Information Security Assistant (Document Control)•Personnel Security Assistant•Executive Protection Officer (Private)• Supervisory Security officer (armed, unarmed)•Certified Security Officer (SPO, POST, Arrest Authority)•Armored Car Guard•Control Center Operator (e.g. ADT) (Monitoring Center)• Uniformed Security Officer (Unarmed -- proprietary and contract)•Security Clerk• Transportation Security Technician•Loss Prevention Assistant•Uniformed Security officer (armed)•Computer Security Specialist•Computer Forensics Examiner•Executive Protection Specialist•Gaming Surveillance Specialist•Information Security specialist•Information Technology Security•Armored Car Guards•Industrial Espionage Security•Life Guard, Ski Patrol, •Physical Property Security•Private Security Specialist •Infrastructure Analyst – Specialist •IT Specialist (Information Security) • Intelligence Research-Operations Specialist •Operations Analyst •Port Security Specialist •Transportation Security Screener


    Emergency and Fire Management Services: Emergency Management and Response Coordinator •Emergency Planning Manager•EMT•Fire Fighter•Mgr/Supv. of Fire Fighters•Forest Fire Fighter• Mgr/Supv. of Forest Fire Fighters•Forest Fire Inspector & Investigator•Hazardous Materials Responder •Emergency Dispatchers for Police, Fire and Ambulance •Training Officer •Grant Writer and Coordinator •Rescue Workers • Consequence Management Specialist • Surety Officer • Fire Protection Inspector • Paramedic (Licensed) • Training and Exercises Program Analyst • Canine Enforcement Officer (Training) • Fire Protection Engineer • Infrastructure Analyst Specialist • Operations Analyst • Program Specialist (National Security) • Program Specialist (Response, Preparedness, Recovery/Mitigation)


    Correction Services: Warden• Jail Administrator• Mid-level Manager• Program Coordinator and Counselor• Public Information Officer• Correctional Trainer• Case Manager • Attorney • Community Corrections Practitioner• Probation/ parole officer• Corrections Educator• Corrections Officer• Detention Deputy• Detention and Deportation Officer• Case Manager Youth Services Worker• Facility Maintenance Workers• Transport Officer• Food Service Staff• Medical Staff• Dietitian• Support Staff

    Seniors in the Academy for Law & Public Safety have completed internships with (including but not limited to):

    East Hanover EMS National Park Service/Patterson Great Falls
    Jefferson Municipal Court
    New Jersey's 40th Legislative District - Senator Kristin M. Corrado
    Kalish Law Group Pequannock Township Police Department
    Law Office of John Carrino Rodriguez Law Group, LLC
    Lincoln Park Police Department Salny Redbord and Rinaldi
    Mark Yampaglia Law Firm The Fleisig Law Firm LLC
    Morris County Superior Court Wharton Borough Police Department
    Mount Arlington Municipal Court Yampaglia Law P.C

Academy Course of Study

  • 9th Grade

    Criminal Law

    The introductory course familiarizes students with basic concepts in legal thinking that they can apply throughout the year. The criminal law portion of the course includes both a criminal law and criminal procedure unit. Students will investigate the purposes and effectiveness of criminal punishment and debate what conduct deserves to be criminally prohibited. The criminal law unit also details crimes against the person, various states of mind and their effect on charging and sentencing, the effectiveness of the death penalty as a criminal deterrent, and the use of defenses in criminal prosecutions. The criminal procedure unit examines the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments (and attendant Supreme Court cases) in great detail to determine what rights those accused of crimes are and should be entitled to. Students will learn about the procedures governing the search, arrest, interrogation, and trial of suspected criminals. The course aims to provide a practical understanding of the law and the legal system, which will benefit students professionally through academic texts, supplemental real-world case studies, role plays, mock trials, and research materials. In addition, extracurricular course activities, such as field trips, film presentations, and speaker symposiums, are organized to solidify further and inform awareness, on the part of the student, of current issues and controversies in terms that are practical, relevant, and engaging. In addition, these activities strive to improve the understanding of the law, lawyers, law enforcement officers, and the legal system in our society.

    Core Courses:

    • English 9
    • Algebra I, Geometry, or Algebra II
    • Biology
    • Health and Physical Education 9
    • World History
    • World Language
    • Financial Literacy

    NOTE: Financial Literacy is a 2.5 credit graduation requirement that is taken along with Academy courses throughout 9th, 10th, and 11th grade.


    10th Grade

    Civil & Constitutional Law

    This course introduces sophomore students to additional concepts in legal thinking.  The class provides students an advanced knowledge of American law as related to the constitution. Students investigate the purposes end of case law as it affects their daily lives. It provides an understanding of criminal punishment and debate.  The criminal law units discuss crimes against the person from their state of mind. Discussion continues on charging and sentencing, along with the effects of the death penalty as a criminal deterrent. Discussions are on the defenses in criminal prosecutions.  The criminal component discusses the Bill of Rights including but not limited to the 27 amendments. Discussion continues on an individual’s rights of those accused of crimes.  Students will learn in detail on the 4th amendment (search, arrest, interview and interrogation).  The civil law component of the course focuses on tort law and contract law.  The tort unit provides an introduction to the distinctions between civil and criminal law.

    Core Courses:

    • English 10*
    • Geometry*, Algebra II* or Pre-Calculus*
    • Chemistry*
    • Health and Physical Education 10
    • US History I*
    • World Language
    • VPA Elective

    *Honors courses available and determined by grades and teacher recommendation


     11th Grade

    Crime in Society

    The goal of this course is to develop a general understanding of the criminal justice system’s response to crime in society. It is important to note that the general theme of this course involves the delicate balance between community interests and individual rights that criminal justice decision-making requires. Students in this course will explore this theme by examining the criminal justice process in some detail, focusing on how the system is structured to respond to crime. This requires an understanding of the core elements of the criminal justice system: police, courts, and corrections. We will explore the criminal justice system in five instructional parts.

    Core Courses:

    • English 11*
    • Algebra II*, Pre-Calculus*, Calculus
    • Physics*
    • Health and Physical Education 10
    • US History II*
    • World Language
    • Elective

    *Honors courses available and determined by grades and teacher recommendation


    12th Grade at MCST

    Career and Technical Education (Academy):

    • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Certification Program - Partnrship Program with Atlantic Training Center (10 credits, offered in the Fall Semester)
    • Career and Technical Education Elective (i.e. Virtual Enterprises International, Computer Science Principles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)
    • Senior Capstone
    • OR CCM for Academy coursework

    Structured Learning Experience (Graduation Requirement):

    • All Seniors must complete 120 hours of an approved internship in their respective career field.

    Core Courses: 

    • English 12* (required)
    • Health and Physical Education 12 (required)
    • Calculus, Statistics, Foundations of College Math
    • Environmental Science, Anatomy and Physiology I
    • World Language*

    *Honors courses available and determined by grades and teacher recommendation

    NOTE: Financial Literacy is a 2.5 credit graduation requirement that is taken along with Academy courses throughout 9th, 10th, and 11th grade. This course is transcripted senior year, after the successful completion of the learning activities in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade. If a senior has not successfully completed the financial literacy requirement, the course will be taken in 12th grade.


    12th Grade at County College of Morris

    Eligible Seniors may complete their Senior coursework in full or in part at County College of Morris. See School Counseling Department for more information.

    Required Courses:


    • English Composition I (ENG111)
    • Lifetime Wellness (HED128) or PE (labeled HES)
    • Academy Course (1) ** Seniors attending County College of Morris may participate in the EMT Program at MCST (described above) for their Academy requirement

    CJS 116 Intoduction to Criminology
    CJS 221 Criminal Law & Procedure
    SOC 120 Principles of Sociology
    COM 104 Interpersonal Communications
    COM 109 Speech Fundamentals
    CMP126 Computer Applications (all but CIS students)
    CMP128 Computer Science 1 (all but CIS students)
    BUS 112 Introduction to Business (all but FIB students)
    ACC 110 Elements of Accounting (all but FIB students)


    • English Composition II (ENG112)
    • PE or Lifetime Wellness (whichever was not taken in the Fall)
    • Academy Course (1) (see above list)

    *See Guidance (School Counseling) Department for additional information on CCM courses

    Structured Learning Experience

    • All Seniors must complete 120 hours of an approved internship in their respective career field.