Academy for Sports Medicine

  • The Academy for Sports Medicine provides students with a solid foundation in the growing fields of exercise science, fitness studies, physical therapy, athletic training, and injury prevention and treatment.

Academy Teacher

Ms. Katie Whithead



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Katie Whithead

Career Field - Sports Medicine

  • Career Pathways in Sports Medicine (include but are not limited to):

    Personal Care Services:   Personal Trainers , Massage Therapists 

    Therapeutic Services:    Athletic Trainer , Chiropractic Assistant , Dietitian/Nutritionist,  EMT/Paramedic ,  Exercise Physiologist, Kinesiotherapist,Nurse Practitioner,  Occupational Therapist/Assistant, Orthoptist Orthotist/Prosthetist/Technician,   Physical Therapist/Assistant,  Recreation Therapist,  Registered Nurse,  Rehabilitation Counselor, Wellness Coah 

    Health Informatics: Pubblic Health Educator


    2017-2018 Seniors in the Academy for Sports Medicine completed internships with (including but not limited to):

    Morris Minutemen EMS, Triboro First Aid, Driven Fitness and Performance, Wayne Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Butler Public School, Athletic Republic, Next Generation Training Center, Ralston FD, Twin Boro Physical Therapy, Crane's Mill at West Caldwell, Total Nunziato, Propel Physical Therapy and Athletic Performance, Morristown Medical Center, JAG Physical Therapy

Academy Course of Study

  • 9th Grade

    Academy: Exercise Science

    The objective of this freshman level course is to introduce students to the fields within the umbrella of exercise science, and to understand the common goals of professionals in the industry.  Students will get an overview understanding of the major areas of academic study necessary for all career options.

    Core Courses:

    • English 9*
    • Algebra I, Geometry* or Algebra II*
    • Biology*
    • Health and Physical Education 9
    • World History*
    • World Language
    • Financial Literacy

    *Honors courses available and determined by placement testing upon acceptance to MCST


    10th Grade

    Academy: Exploration of the Lower Extremities 

    The objective of this course is to begin to advance the students level of knowledge regarding the structure and function of anatomy relevant to movement, how various professionals interact with these areas of the body, and some of the basic skills of those interactions.  The “start to finish” approach of each body part will allow students to experience the realms of expertise of a variety of professions, in order to help determine what areas are of interest to them.

    Core Courses:

    • English 10*
    • Geometry*, Algebra II* or Pre-Calculus*
    • Chemistry*
    • Health and Physical Education 10
    • US History I*
    • World Language
    • VPA Elective

    *Honors courses available and determined by grades and teacher recommendation 

    11th Grade

    Academy: Exploration of the Upper Extremities and Training for National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer Certification

    The majority of Junior year studies focuses on training for the National Academy for Sports Medicine Personal Trainer Certification. This includes but is not limited to: Fitness Training, Fitness assessments, Program Design, Functional Anatomy, Exercise Technique, and Exercise Modalities. The year concludes with sitting for the NASM Certification Exam. During their junior year, students also continue their in-depth discovery of the body, focusing on the upper extremities.   Through a hands-on approach, the joints will be deconstructed to a much more detailed look into the muscles and bones of the area, their structure and function, common injuries, emergency care, treatment and rehabilitation, wrapping and strapping techniques, return to play guidelines and strengthening techniques. Studies also include include concussion management, internal organ distress, and a focus on injury prevention through functional movement screening.

    Core Courses:

    • English 11*
    • Algebra II*, Pre-Calculus*, AP Calculus
    • Physics*
    • Health and Physical Education 10
    • US History II*
    • World Language
    • Elective

    *Honors courses available and determined by grades and teacher recommendation


    12th Grade at MCST

    Career and Technical Education (Academy):

    • Career and Technical Education Elective (i.e. Virtual Enterprises International, Computer Science Principles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)
    • Senior Capstone
    • OR CCM for Academy coursework

    Structured Learning Experience (Graduation Requirement):

    • All Seniors must complete 120 hours of an approved internship in their respective career field.

    Core Courses: 

    • English 12* (required)
    • Health and Physical Education 12 (required)
    • AP Calculus, Statistics, Foundations of College Math
    • Environmental Science, Anatomy and Physiology I
    • World Language*

    *Honors courses available and determined by grades and teacher recommendation


    12th Grade at County College of Morris

    Eligible Seniors may complete their Senior coursework in full or in part at County College of Morris. See School Counseling Department for more information.

    Required Courses:


    • English Composition I (ENG111)
    • Lifetime Wellness (HED128) or PE (labeled HES)
    • Academy Course (1)

    BIO 101 Anatomy & Physiology I
    HES 111 Introduction to Exercise Science 
    BIO 121 General Biology I
    BIO 102 Anatomy & Physiology II
    COM 104 Interpersonal Communications
    COM 109 Speech Fundamentals
    CMP126 Computer Applications (all but CIS students)
    CMP128 Computer Science 1 (all but CIS students)
    BUS 112 Introduction to Business (all but FIB students)
    ACC 110 Elements of Accounting (all but FIB students)


    • English Composition II (ENG112)
    • PE or Lifetime Wellness (whichever was not taken in the Fall)
    • Academy Course (1) (see above list)

    *See Guidance (School Counseling) Department for additional information on CCM courses

    Structured Learning Experience

    • All Seniors must complete 120 hours of an approved internship in their respective career field.


Academy Video - Class of 2019