Academy for Environmental Science

  • LOCATED AT JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL, The Academy for Environmental Science provides students with the interdisciplinary study of natural processes and human impacts in the atmosphere, aquatic systems, and soils. The academy program of study links the principles of art, history, language arts, technology, biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics to environmental concepts.

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Academy Teachers



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Sarah Montgomery



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Heather Varner

Career Field - Environmental Science

  • Career Pathways in Environmental Science (include but are not limited to):

    Natural Resources Systems: Cartographers ● Wildlife Managers ● Range Technicians ● Ecologists Park Mangers ● Environmental Interpreters ● Fish and Game Officers Loggers ● Forest Technicians ● Log Graders ● Pulp and Paper Manager Soil Geology Technician ● Geologists ● Mining Engineers Fisheries Technicians ● Water Monitoring Technician ● Hydrologists ● Fish Hatchery Manager Commercial Fishermen ● Fishing Vessel Operators ● Vessel Crew ●Agricultural Educator

    Environmental Service Systems: Pollution Prevention and Control Managers ● Pollution Prevention and Control Technicians● Environmental Sampling and Analysis Scientists/Technicians● Health and Safety Sanitarians● Environmental Compliance Assurance Managers● Hazardous Materials Handlers ● Hazardous Materials Technicians / Managers● Water Environment Managers ● Water Quality Managers● Waste Water Managers● Toxicologists● Solid Waste Disposers / Recyclers● Solid Waste Technician● Solid Waste Managers ● Solid Waste Specialists●Agricultural Educator

    Governance: Environmental Law ● Lobbyist ● Policy Advisor

    Science & Math: Biologist ● Conservation Scientist ● Ecologist ● Geologist ● Environmental Scientist ●  Hydrologist ● Marine Scientist ● Mannalosgist ● Marine Scientist ● meteorologist ● Mycologist ●  Nanobiologost ● Oceanographer ● Protozoologist ● Quality-control Scientist ● Research Technician Science Teacher ●  Zoologist 


    Seniors in the Academy for Environmental Science have completed internships with (including but not limited to):

    Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary
    Brook Ridge Consulting
    Hampton-Clarke/Veritech Labs
    Jefferson Water Treatment
    Lake Hopatcong Foundation
    Lower Hudson Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management
    Madison Environmental Commission
    Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority
    Schiff Nature Preserve
    The Land Conservancy of New Jersey
    Township of Randolph Health Department



Academy Course of Study

  • 9th Grade

    • Introduction to Environmental Systems
    • Biology or Honors Biology
    • Academy Honors English
    • Algebra 1 OR Honors Geometry
    • Academy Honors World History
    • Physical Education/Health
    • Spanish/French/ASL
    • Financial Literacy Elective

    10th Grade

    • Introduction to Ecological Design (semester)
    • Environmental Research Design (semester)
    • Chemistry or Honors Chemistry
    • Academy Honors English
    • Geometry OR Honors Algebra II 
    • Academy Honors U.S. History I
    • Physical Education/Health
    • Spanish/French/ASL
    • VPA Elective


    11th Grade

    • Climate Change Biology (semester)
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Human Ecology (semester)
    • AP Physics I, Physics or  Geophysical Honors
    • Academy Honors English 
    • Algebra II OR Honors Pre-Calculus
    • Academy Honors U.S. History II
    • Physical Education/Health
    • Spanish/French/ASL

    12th Grade:

    Senior Year College Option: Providing students meet the academic criteria, they may attend County College of Morris, Ramapo College or Kean University for all academic and occupational courses and earn up to 22 credits, paid for by Morris County Vocational School District

    Continue at Jefferson High School for advanced courses/projects including:

    • Research & Field Work in Environmental Science/ Global Issues in Environmental Sustainability
    • AP Biology, AP Chemistry, or AP Physics II
    • Honors Academy English or AP English
    • Calculus or AP Stats
    • AP U.S. History, Economics or Business
    • Physical Education/Health
    • Spanish/French/ASL

     Structured Learning Experience (SLE): Required 120 hour Internship

Academy Flyer

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