Academy for Math, Science, and Engineering

  • Located at MORRIS HILLS HIGH SCHOOL, in Rockaway, the Academy for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering is a rigorous, highly focused four year program for students with career interests in mathematics, science, and engineering

Career Field - Math, Science, and Enginnering

  • Career Pathways in Math, Science, and Engineering (include but are not limited to):

    Engineering and Technology: Aerospace Engineer* Aeronautical Engineer* Agricultural Engineer* Agricultural Technician* Application Engineer* Architectural Engineer* Automotive Engineer* Biomedical Engineer* Biotechnology Engineer* Chemical Engineer* Civil Engineer* Communications Engineer* Computer Engineer* Computer Hardware Engineer* Computer Programmer* Computer Science Technician* Computer Software Engineer* Construction Engineer* Consultant* Development Engineer* Drafter* Electrical Engineer* Electrician* Electronics Technician* Energy Transmission Engineer* Environmental Engineer* Facilities Technician* Fire Protection Engineer* Geothermal Engineer* Hazardous Waste Engineer* Hazardous Waste Technician* Human Factors Engineer * Industrial Engineer* Industrial Engineering Technician* Licensing Engineer* Manufacturing Engineer* Manufacturing Technician* Manufacturing Processes Engineer* Marine Engineer* Materials Engineer* Materials Lab & Supply Technician* Mechanical Engineer* Metallurgic Engineer* Mining Engineer* Naval Engineer* Network Technician* Nuclear Engineer* Ocean Engineer* Operations Research Engineer* Packaging Engineer* Packaging Technician* Petroleum Engineer* Pharmaceutical Engineer* Plastics Engineer* Power Systems Engineer* Product Design Engineer* Project Engineer* Project manager* Prototype Engineer* Quality Engineer* Quality Technician* Radio/TV Broadcast Technician* Radiology Engineer* Researcher* Safety Engineer* Software Engineer* Sound Technician* Structural Engineer* Survey Technician* Systems Design Engineer* Technical Sales Manager* Technical Writer* Telecommunications Engineer* Textile Engineer* Transportation Engineer* Nuclear Engineer and Procurement Engineer


    2017-2018 Seniors in the Academy for Math, Science and Engineering completed internships with (including but not limited to):

    Gibraltar Laboratories, County College of Morris, Tara Innovations, Ricon Pharma, NJ Medical and Wellness Center, Paraflex, Engineering for Kids of Morris, Triad Consulting Engineers Inc., Picatinny Arsenal, Heintz & Fiore AIA, LLC, Maker Depot, Pequannock Animal Hospital, Propel Physical Therapy and Athletic Performance, GAF, Nova Product Design', Alpesh Patel, CPA, Engineering for Kids, Department of Engineering and Planning, County of Sussex, AA Electric, Turncare Inc., Yukodit, GSM Architects LLC, Samir Patel DDS LLC, Astrodyne TDI, Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce, Rutgers New Jersey Medical Center Lab of Dr. Zoltan Spolarics, Montville Endodontics

Academy Course of Study

  • 9th Grade

    • Academy Math Analysis 1 H
    • Academy Computer-Aided Design H
    • Academy English 1 H
    • Academy Geometry H
    • Academy AP Physics 1
    • Academy Social Studies 1 H
    • Physical Education
    • Two Electives (exs: World Language, Band, Chorus, Art, Computer Programming Math Using Visual BASIC, Introduction to Technology, AP Computer Science Principles)

    10th Grade

    • Academy Math Analysis 2 H
    • Academy Chemistry H
    • Academy English 2 H
    • Academy Social Studies 2 H
    • Academy Fundamentals of Engineering H
    • Academy Science Inquiry & Technology 1 H
    • Physical Education
    • Two Electives (additional courses may include AP courses or electives)

     11th Grade:

    • Academy Biology H
    • Academy Business Strategies H
    • Academy Science Inquiry & Technology 2 H
    • Calculus(Choose from AP Calculus BC, AP Calculus AB, or Calculus and Analytic Geometry H)
    • English 11 (AP, H, or CPA)
    • US History 2 (AP or CPA)
    • Physical Education
    • Two Electives (additional courses may include AP courses or electives)

    12th Grade:

    • Academy Biotechnology H
    • Academy Science Inquiry & Technology 3 H
    • Academy Technical Writing H (semester)
    • Academy Macroeconomics (semester)
    • English 12 (AP, H, or CPA)
    • Physical Education
    • Structured Learning Experience (internship)*
    • Electives (additional courses may include AP courses or electives)


    *At the end of high school, AMSE students must have earned a minimum of 170 credits in order to graduate as well as complete a 100 hour internship in STEM.