Academy for Performing Arts: Theater

  • LOCATED AT MORRIS KNOLLS HIGH SCHOOL, in Rockaway, offers a major in Theatre. Students with this major will be ready for almost any college major or career path encountered in the 21st Century, having acquired enhanced and developed imaginative capacity, flexible ways of thinking, self-discipline, and sophisticated presentation skills.


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Career Field -Performing Arts: Theater

  • Career Pathways in Performing Arts: Theater (included but are not limited to):

    Performing Arts: ♦ Production Managers, Digital, Video, Stage ♦ Cinematographers, Film/Video Editors ♦ Play Writers, Screen Writers, Screen Editors, Script Writers ♦ Directors and Coaches, Performers, Actors, Musicians ♦ Make-Up Artists and Costume Designers ♦ Stagecraft Designers, Lighters, Sets, Sound Effects, Acoustics, Painters ♦ Composers, Conductors, and Music Instructors



    Seniors in the Academy for Performing Arts: Theater have completed internships with (including but not limited to):

    Brundage Park Playhouse
    Denville Performing Arts Company
    Freespace Dance
    Gateway to the Arts
    Jill Fritzo PR
    Rhino Theatre
    The Growing Stage/The Children's Theatre of New Jersey

Academy Course of Study

  • 9th Grade

    • Acting methodology
    • Stage layout and terminology
    • Theatre history
    • Vocal techniques
    • Stage blocking, movement, and stage combat
    • Improvisational techniques
    • Vocations in the Theatre


    10th Grade

    • Advanced acting techniques
    • Theatre theorists
    • Play Analysis
    • Theatrical Design (lighting and sound)
    • Stage makeup and costume design
    • Stagecraft/theatrical construction


    11th Grade

    • Classical acting styles
    • Dramaturgy
    • Musical theatre
    • Sight singing
    • Choreography
    • On Camera Techniques​

    12th Grade:

    • Audition/Portfolio Preparation
    • How to manage and market your acting career
    • Playwriting
    • Directing
    • Techniques of stage direction
    • College Option:  Providing students meet the academic criteria, they may attend County College of Morris for earn up to 24 credits, paid for by MCST.
    • STRUCTURED LEARNING EXPERIENCE (SLE) :  Required 120 hour Internship