Welcome to the P.E and Health Department! 

    MCST PE Philosophy: 

    It is to engage and encourage students to focus on lifelong movement, problem solving, collaborative team thinking, teamwork, and individual success and to live out an active and healthy lifestyle that one can maintain for a lifetime. 

    Physical education is about student development, about teaching the whole student through a process. The focus is on lifelong movement, problem solving, collaborative team thinking, teamwork, and individual success. It is to engage and encourage students to achieve their personal best in an accepting and enjoyable environment.


    ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO PASS 4 YEARS OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION / HEALTH IN ORDER TO GRADUATE (STATE REQUIREMENT). You are expected to participate FULLY with good attitude and sportsmanship each day. 


    • 55% Participation: This includes participation

    • 30% CRP (Career Ready Practice): Behavior, late to class, late assignments, quality of assignments, etc

    • 15% Tests / Fitness testing (improvement) / Quizzes / Skills (objective, not subjective) 

                                                             ***Grades will be given every class.  

    Points will be lost for the following infractions:

    • Unprepared (0 for participation) Athletic sneakers that tie only; no boots, slip ons, etc.  An alternate assignment WILL NOT BE GIVEN in these circumstances.

    • Cell Phones (0 for participation) No cell phone use in class, unless in the following two units: Fitness Unit / Walking Unit. 
      f a cell phone is used, or brought into the gym other than when in these two units, an automatic 0 will be given. The cell phone will remain taken and locked up for safety until the end of the block. For special circumstances and accommodations to this rule, please speak with your respective teacher. 
    • Uniforms: FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS, If you ordered a MSCT Phys Ed shirt through "My School Bucks", they will be provided for you.  They are mandatory and must be worn each class. Failure to do so will result in a loss of points.  
    • Please be careful with jewelry (NO watches/ hoops/ dangling earrings, etc.)

    • No food or open beverages in class. This will be strictly reinforced. Water bottles, with lids, will be the only item allowed. No glass!  

    Measuring Effort: 

    -We will be focusing on the five components of fitness and will begin by measuring your growth in all components.
    -We will compare your pre-fitness testing data (fall) to your post-fitness testing data (spring)  and look for improvement.
    -It will be expected that you demonstrate an understanding of the rules of each game/activity and participate consistently 
    -Behavior will also be monitored throughout each class and graded through your CRP every two weeks. 

    Medical Assignments

    • If you are physically or medically unable to participate and submit a DOCTOR/NURSE’S NOTE, adjustments will be made. 

    • If you are out for 1 class period, you will be given a daily medical assignment. Daily medical assignments can be found HERE, or accessible directly through the PE webpage 

    • If you are out for longer than one week, you will be expected to complete a long-term medical assignment through our online Physical Education program, APEX



    Units below are offered throughout the grade levels, and may vary. 


    • Project Adventure - Ground Elements
    • Fitness Testing - All 
    • Walking
    • Floor Hockey
    • Soccer
    • Badminton
    • Fitness Unit   



    • Project Adventure - Indoor High Elements 
    • Fitness Testing - All 
    • Walking
    • Floor Hockey - Accelerated 2.0
    • Yoga/Pilaties/ Dance 
    • Volleyball 
    • Soccer - Accelerated 2.0
    • Fitness Unit 
    • Pickleball


    • Tchoukball
    • Project Adventure - Outdoor High Elements / Cables 
    • Fitness Testing - All 
    • Walking
    • Speedball
    • Volleyball 2.0
    • Fitness Unit
    • Volleyball 2.0

    • Tchoukball 2.0 
    • Project Adventure - Outdoor High Elements / Cables 
    • Fitness Testing - All 
    • Walking
    • Speedball 2.0 
    • Yoga/Pilaties/Dance 2.0
    • Volleyball 2.0
    • Soccer
    • Badminton 2.0 
    • Fitness Unit 
    • Ultimate Frisbee 2.0


    PE Lockers:

    • All backpacks and belongings will be kept in the lockerroom and will be inaccessible for the entirety of the class. We HIGHLY suggest purchasing a lock to ensure that your belongings remain safe. ** The Phys Ed. Dept. is NOT responsible for any lost or stolen items.

    • All locks must be taken OFF at the end of each class due to the number of lockers available for our students. Any clothing left in lockers will be dropped off at the lost and found at the end of each day. Any personal items found will be handed into the main office and kept safe until they are retrieved. 


    Fire Drills and Lock Down Drills:
    * Procedures will vary depending on the block and class



    Welcome to the Health Department! 

    Seniors, Marking Period: 1 (9/5/23-11/8/23)

    Teachers - Mrs. Jessica Prentice 


    • Drugs & Alcohol 

    • Tobacco Use 

    • Diseases 

    • Components of health - Emotional, Mental, Physical, Environmental, Psychological

    • Family Life


    Sophomores, Marking Period: 2 (11/13/23-1/26/24)

    Teachers - Mrs. Kristen Grawehr 
                     - Mr. Stephen Petonak 

    Topics: Driver Education 
    ** Knowledge Exam to Follow 1/29/24 & 1/30/24 


    Juniors, Marking Period: 3 (1/29/24 - 3/28/24)

    Teachers - Mr. Albert Prentice
                     - Mrs. Jessica Prentice  
                 - Mr. Stephen Petonak 


    • American Red Cross CPR|AED|First Aid  **Optional: Certification to follow successful completion of the knowledge and skills

    • Organ and Tissue Donation

    • Death & Dying 

    • Social Media & Body Image


    Freshman, Marking Period: 4 (4/8/24 - 6/14/24)

    Teachers - Mr. Kevin Brophy 
                     - Mr. Albert Prentice  


    • Endocrine System 

    • Male and Female Reproductive system 

    • STI

    • Contraceptives

    • Gender ID 

    • Relationships - healthy boundaries, abusive relationships, sexting


    Questions, Comments, Concerns? Please reach out to your students' respective teacher. Teachers' contact information, email and schedules and web pages can be found by clicking the names below 

    Freshman Health :
                      - Mr. Kevin Brophy
                  - Mr. Albert Prentice  

    Sophomore Drivers Education 
                     - Mrs. Kristen Grawehr
                  - Mr. Stephen Petonak 

    Junior Health:                
                     - Mr. Albert Prentice

                     - Mrs. Jessica Prentice
                 - Mr. Stephen Petonak 

    Senior  Health:
                 - Mrs. Jessica Prentice