• Welcome to the Health and Physical Education Department

               ** You are expected to participate fully with a good attitude and with good sportsmanship each day**

    70% Participation/ Behavior 
    30% CRP Grade / Quizzes

    You may lose points for the following infractions:
    * Unprepared (0)
    * Cell phones during class (0)
    * Proper attire (-4) ** Proper attire includes: athletic wear that is different from what you wore to school. You must be in tied sneakers (no boots, slip ons, etc.); Shorts or sweats (no cargo shorts; no jeans!); MCST P.E. T-SHIRT (no tank or cut off shirts). Please be careful of jewelry (no hoops or dangling earrings, no watches, etc.) 
    * Late and/or with an unexcused pass (-2)
    * Not reporting to squad spots and in attendance (-2)
    * Fooling around/touching equipment (-2)
    * Failure to participate in warm ups
    * Conduct, poor attitude and/ or poor sportsmanship

    * No Food or open beverages in class (Especially morning classes).  

    Medical Assignments: 
    -If you are physically or medically unable to participate and submit a doctor/nurses note, adjustments will me made. 

    -If you are out for 1 class period, you will be given a daily medical assignment 
    -If you are out for longer than one week, you will be expected to complete a weekly medical assigment 

    Measuring Effort: 
    -We will be focusing on the five components of fitness and will begin with measuring your growth in all components.
    -We will compare your pre fitnesss testing data to your post fitness testing data and look for improvement
    -It will be expected that you demonstrate an understanding of the rules of each game/activity and participate consistently 
    -HR Zones will be used everyday and sent as a report at the end of class. A portion of your daily grade will be based on your Intensity points earned during your class. 
    -Participation and behavior will also be monitored throughout each class. 

    HR Zones
    -Grading will be assessed through the HeartZones Monitoring System. 
    -Daily HeartZones FITT (Frequenct, Intensity, Time, Type) points are calculated using the formula below

         3.4                      x         1         x          60               = 204 points 
    (yellow zone)                frequency          minutes                 (FIIT)
                                        (class Period)      (will vary)

    -Daily grades will be will be input into Genesis on a 0 - 10 scale.
    -204/204 = 100% or a score of 10 for the day.
    -Individual arm bands are available for purchase through MySchoolBucks 
    *NOTE: Behavior has the ability to override any grade received for the day 

    PE Units:
    *NOTE: Grade level units may vary 

    Freshman: Fitness Center Unit, Volleyball, Badminton, Basketball, Hockey, Project Adventure, Soccer.

    Sophmores: Soccer, Project Adventure, Hockey, Pickleball, Fitness Unit, Volleyball.

    Juniors: Project Adventure, Tchoukball, Basketball, Fitness Unit, Volleyball, Walking.

    Seniors: Speedball, Volleyball, Tchoukball, Fitness Unit, Project Adventure. 

    PE Lockers

    You will be required to lock up your belongings in a locker during class. The PE teachers are not responsible for any lost/stolen items. You must take off your lock at the end of every class due to the amount of lockers.

    Fire and Lock Down Drills

    *Will vary depending on classes