Working Paper Procedures


    1) You MUST have been hired for a job!

    2)  You pick up Working Papers from the Guidance  Office.

    3)  Fill out as follows:

    • Student completes Section A, then signs in Section G. (Be sure to fill in your Social Security Number)

    4) Have your Employer fill-out Section B.
    (Do not forget to get a parent signature in Section B)

    • (Double check to make sure the employer fills out this part completely and signs in the 
      required spot here)

    5) For first time applicants only:

    1. Give Working Papers form to your physician, to fill out
      Section C.
    2. Find a document proving your age e.g., birth certificate, passport, baptismal certificate. 
      Driver’s license cannot be used for this purpose.
      (If previous working papers are on file, these two steps do not need to be completed but a copy of 
      the previous form will need to be submitted with this new form.)

    6)  The completed form should then be returned to the Guidance Office.
    Sections D, E, F, and G will be completed by school personnel and returned to you within a few days.

    • Please do not come in with the intention of having your working papers approved on the spot.

    7)  Once all sections are complete, the student will receive the white copy of the form, the Guidance Counselor keeps pink form to be filed in student’s folder.

     Yellow copy will be mailed to:

    Division of Wage and Hour Compliance
    New Jersey Department of Labor
    PO Box 389
    Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0389