Ms. Kristen Maday

Phone: 973-627-4600 x263


Degrees and Certifications:

* Bachelors of Science / Education K-12 Monclair State University * Driver Education- Jersey City University * NASM - CPT * Instructor: Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid * Instructor: Driver Education

Ms. Kristen Maday

Schedule - (A-Day)                                              
1A- Juniors                                                                                 
2A- Sophmores
3A- Lunch 
3B- Flex and Strength 
4A- Lunch Duty
4B - Prep
5A - Prep

Schedule - (B-Day)
1B- Juniors 
2B- Prep
3A- Lunch 
3B- Flex and Strength
4B- Sophomores
5B- Juniors

PE Units:
*NOTE: Grade level units may vary 

Sophmores: Soccer, Project Adventure, Pickleball, Floor Hockey, Volleyball, Fitness, Walking, Four Square

Video Links
Pickleball Serving Rules Explained / Pickleball Doubles - Serving

Juniors: Project Adventure, Basketball, Tchoukball/Speedball, Fitness, Volleyball/Spikeball, Walking, Four Square

Video Links
Worst Basketball Travels in the NBA
                  What is a carry in basketball?
                  Basketball Fouls

Video Links:Tchoukball - "How To"
                 Tchoukball Tutorial 
                 Tchoukball Study Guide
                 Best of Tchoukball
                 Tchoukball - Italy vs. Switzerland
 Video Links: Ultimate Frisbee Forehand / Backhand

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