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Degrees and Certifications:

Degrees and Certifications: * Bachelors of Science / Education K-12 Monclair State University *Masters in Adapted Physical Education Western Michigan University * Driver Education- Jersey City University

Mrs. Jessica Prentice

  • Mrs. Jessica Prentice

    Google Classroom will be our main point of information.  Please look below for your class' appropriate code. 

    Schedule - (A-Day)                                       

    1 - Senior PE/Health                                                                                
    2 - Junior  PE/Health     
    3a - Junior PE/Health 
    3B - Prep   
    4A - Lunch 

    4B - Prep

    5 - Prep     

    Schedule - (B-Day)
    1 - Junior  PE/Health     
    2 - Junior PE/Health
    3a - Junior PE/Health 
    3b - Prep     
    4a - Lunch

    4b - LMC Duty

    5 - Junior PE/Health


    Google Classroom Codes - Please only type in the code that currently applies to YOU! 

    1a Seniors PE/Health:  CODE - emt7fl3

    2a Juniors: CODE - tw2jhva

    3a Juniors: CODE - 47ww2l6

    1b Juniors: CODE - 3fo3kwm

    2b Juniors: CODE - byto67m

    5b Juniors: CODE - dmwv7vr




    *NOTE: Grade level units may vary 

    Juniors: Fitness testing, Tchoukball/Handball, Project Adventure, Volleyball, Fitness, Ultimate Frisbee, Walking, Backyard Games

    Seniors: Fitness testing, Volleyball, Speedball, Badminton, Fitness, Project Adventure, Tchoukball, Backyard Games