Academy for Government & Leadership

  • Located at Madison High School. 

    The Academy of Government & Leadership, located at Madison High School, educates students in all aspects of governance including public policy, public administration, ethics, and international relations. Students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of leadership activities through clubs such as Student Council, Class Council, DECA, Junior States of America, and Harvard Model Congress. Students take a deep dive into United States government operations and examine the role that politics plays in shaping our country. The program culminates with an internship in which students can gain real-world experience in government and politics and can contribute to society through civic service and engagement.

    The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others

    --Mahatma Gandhi--

Career Field - Government & Leadership

  • Career Pathways in Government & Leadership (include but are not limited to):

     President, Vice President, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Mayor, Cabinet Level Secretary (Fed./ State), Representative (Fed/State), Senator (Fed/State), Assistants, Deputies, and Chiefs of Staff Commissioner (County, Parish, City), Commissioner (State Agency), Congressional Aide, Legislative Aide, Legislative Assistant, Specialist Lobbyist, Policy Advisor, City Manager, City Council, City or County Clerk, Court Administrator,  Clerk, Executive Director/ Officer/Associate: Foundation Association Charitable Organization, Industrial Foundation, Chamber of Commerce, General Service Officer, Management Analysis Officer, Program Administration, Officer, Ambassador, Foreign Service Officer, Consular Officer, Administrative Officer, Political Officer, Economic Officer, Diplomatic Courier


    The Academy for Government & Leadership will complete its first year of Senior internships in the year 2025.

Academy Course of Study

  • 9th Grade

    Academy:  Intro to Public Administration (Semester) & Leadership & Ethics (Semester)


    Core Courses:

    • English 9
    • Math
    • Physics
    • Physical Education 9
    • World History
    • World Language

    10th Grade

    Academy: Intro to Law (Semester) & Global Politics (Semester) - Fairleigh Dickinson Dual Enrollment (6 credits total)


    Core Courses:

    • Physical Education 10
    • English 10
    • US History I
    • Math
    • Chemistry
    • World Language

    11th Grade

    Academy:  AP Government & Politics (Full Year) Or Intro to American Government & Politics (Full Year)


    Core Courses:

    • Physical Education 11
    • English 11
    • US History II or AP US
    • Math
    • Biology
    • Fine Arts Requirements 

      Financial Literacy Requirement:  Honors Entrepreneurship or Money Skills (online)


    12th Grade at Madison High School

    Structured Learning Experience (Graduation Requirement):

    • All Seniors must complete 120 hours of an approved internship in their respective career fields.

    Core Courses: 

    • Physical Education 
    • English 12 (Public Speaking)


    • Current Affairs/Debate & Economics
    •  Statistics / AP Statistics


    12th Grade at County College of Morris

    Eligible Seniors may complete their Senior coursework in full or in part at the County College of Morris. See School Counseling Department for more information.

    Required Courses:


    • English Composition I (ENG111)
    • Lifetime Wellness (HED128) or PE (labeled HES)
    • Academy Course (1)


      • POL-111. American Government
      • POL-222. Constitutional Law
      • POL-231. State and Local Government
      • POL-240. International Politics
      • POL-245. Comparative Government
      • POL-270. Civil Liberties-Basic Rights and Freedom
      • POL-291. Special Topics in Political Science
      • POL-292. Special Topics in Political Science
      • PUB- 111. Public Administration 
      • ISA-110. Intercultural Communication
      • ISA-215. A Survey of Islam


    • English Composition II (ENG112)
    • PE or Lifetime Wellness (whichever was not taken in the Fall)
    • Academy Course (2) see list above

    Structured Learning Experience

    • All Seniors must complete 120 hours of an approved internship in their respective career field.