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General Science, Biological Science, Business Owner/Operator with 15+ years working in various trades

Mr. Scott Kindler


My name is Scott Kindler and I am the Science Infusion teacher here at MCST. I work with students in the Share Time Programs (in classrooms and in shops), helping them to understand scientific theory and concepts as it relates to the trade they are learning here at MCST. In my Share Time support teacher role, students will learn and understand why they use specific materials and methods to accomplish and master skills to be successful in the vocation they are currently studying. They also get to explore theoretical processes using various labs, activities and projects that are imperative to thoroughly grasp their specific Share Time curriculum. Science Infusion is taught almost entirely in a "hands-on" fashion, so students get to experience science as they learn to understand how it connects and impacts their progress in learning and mastering vocational skills. There are also various cross-curricular projects each year that allow students to understand how different trades overlap-with students from different trades working together, combining their knowledge, and utilizing learned skills to complete a finished product.

I also support CTE instructors with students who need additional/supplemental help with science-related concepts throughout the school year during their time studying here at MCST.


Thank you!

  • I will be available daily for any science-related support as it pertains to theory in each of your specific trades. Please feel free to email me at for any trade science-related concerns or to set up a time to meet for support . Examples of support I can provide are: addressing specific questions pertaining to concepts that may need clarification and help with assignments assigned by your shop teachers, etc. I  can also provide links to supportive videos and web pages that may help you with understanding the trade-related theory you are learning. I am online frequently between the hours of 8 am-2:50pm and will contact you promptly regarding any concerns you may have.

    Thank you,

    Mr. Kindler