• Structured Learning Experience (SLE) Program / (Work-Based Learning or WBL)

    Morris County Vocational School District 

    “Structured learning experience (SLE)” means experiential, supervised, in-depth learning experiences that are designed to offer students the opportunity to more fully explore career interests within one or more of the Career Clusters, as described in N.J.A.C. 6A:8-3.2, Career education and counseling. SLEs are designed as rigorous activities that are integrated into the curriculum and that provide students with opportunities to demonstrate and apply a high level of academic attainment; develop career goals; and develop personal/social goals.
    Full Time Academy Programs
    All Full Time academy students must complete an SLE in order to graduate. Each student must pursue an SLE which is mentored by a professional with credentials/skills/etc. related to that student's academy.  The experience can be paid or unpaid, a shadowing experience, or something hands-on.  Structured Learning Coordinators who oversee the SLE program, Pete Bedell and Angela D'Orsi, conduct an initial site visit to approve the worksite. They are also required to conduct periodic site visits to see the students "in action" during their SLEs.  After looking over the information available in Forms and Documents as well as information about the applicable academy programs at the district site, please reach out to the coordinators with any questions.
    Share Time Career & Technical Education (CTE) Programs
    Share-time 12th grade (second year) students are given the opportunity to get involved in an on-the-job work experience as part of their Career & Technical Education program. Students must be recommended by their instructors to be eligible for this experience. Once placement is approved, a student attends work in place of attending classroom training up to 4 days each week. The typical student will be required to attend their home school sending district high school, for either the morning or afternoon session, where they will complete high school academic requirements for graduation. The other half of the day is spent at Morris County School of Technology or at a specific work site.
    Please contact Pete Bedell, SLE Cooridnator at bedellp@mcvts.org or 973-627-4600 ext. 242 or Angela D'Orsi, SLE Coordinator: dorsia@mcvts.org or 973-627-4600 ext. 248
  • NOTICE: Per the MCVSD Health-Related School Closure Plan, SLEs are suspended during such a closure. In response to the coronavirus disease, as a proactive measure and after consultation with the local health department, the Morris County School of Technology will close for a minimum two-week period effective Monday, March 16th through Friday, March 27th. Please observe the following during this time:


    • In the event of a public health-related school closure, students should not  report to SLE sites for the duration of the school closure
    • The SLE agreement will not apply during the school closure period, as the site will not be supervised by MCVSD coordinators.
    • A student who reports to a job site during a school closure is doing so independently of the SLE program. Therefore, hours accrued during the school closure period will not count towards the 120-hour requirement for full-time students
    • The district will provide students with a letter on District letterhead that can be presented to their worksite mentor. This letter will outline the reason behind school closure and the conditions around the SLE program during school closure. It will also contain contact information for questions and concerns. 
    • The district will provide accommodations for hours missed due to the school closure, as it relates to the 120-hour graduation requirement