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MCST Announces Educators of the Year

 2017-2018 MCST Educators of the Year                  Educators of the Year and the Administrative Team


2017-2018 Share-Time Educator of the Year: Mr. Carl Carbone, Plumbing and Pipe Fitting

Our share-time Educator of the Year demonstrates a true passion for teaching and limitless devotion to his students and the program. His passion and devotion are just two of the several reasons why our plumbing and pipe fitting program has gone from struggling to thriving in less than two years.  Mr. Carbone consistently encourages students to set ambitious goals, take educational risks, and advance their skills.  He also develops remarkable rapport with his students and he acknowledges the unique qualities and abilities they each possess.

Mr. Carbone just joined our team in January of 2017 and has been nominated for this award twice. For those of you who forgot, it is only June 2018.

Mr. Carbone has expanded his Advisory Committee, cultivated Structured Learning Experiences for his students, and attended countless events to support both share-time and full-time students.

Mr. Carbone’s Students had this to say about their teacher, “Mr. Gray Sideburns is extremely intelligent, energetic, creative, motivating, hardworking and honest. He cares about all of us.” Another student added, “He’s a determined teacher who always wants to see us improve. He’s the best teacher I have ever had.” Finally, “He’s like a second dad to me, to us.”

 I can say with confidence that Mr. Carbone has forgotten more than most people know. In other words, he should be on Jeopardy because of his remarkable depth and breadth of knowledge.


We are proud to announce this year’s Share Time Educator of the Year,   Mr. Carl Carbone!

 By: Principal Lynne Jackson 



2017-2018 Full-Time Teacher of the Year:  Mrs. Christine Hietanen

Our full-time educator of the year began working in our English department  in 2011. Since then Mrs. Hietanen has earned the respect of countless parents, students, and colleagues both in and outside of the district. She devotes her time and expertise as a teacher leader assisting both brand new teachers by getting them acclimated to the profession, and seasoned teachers who want to improve their pedagogical skills.

Mrs. Hietanen has served on various committees in the name of school improvement, she is a major contributor to creating a positive culture and climate at our school serving as a Class Advisor and Club Advisor.

During the 2017-2018 school year Mrs. Hietanen collaborated with colleagues to offer a Senior Capstone course. Through this course students were able to apply the skills and concepts they acquired during their career while honing their 21st Century learning skills and their Career Ready Practices. 

Former Educator of the Year, Mrs. Skomial had this to say about her colleague, “Christine is a dedicated, passionate educator who strives to make her English classroom engaging and applicable to her students. She is constantly finding ways to incorporate real-life experiences into her lessons so her students make connections to the world in which they live.” 

A current student had this to say about Mrs. Hietanen, “Imagine walking into a classroom and seeing every student engaged, listening, and participating. Students are on the edge of their seats to see what the teacher will do next. The sound of laughter meets your ears and the students’ smiles are infectious because there is no place they would rather be.”


We are proud to announce this year’s Full Time Educator of the Year, Mrs. Christine Hietanen!

 By: Principal Lynne Jackson