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September Students of the Month

Devin Conahay a Senior in Plumbing has been named September student of the month for shared time programs.

Photo of Devin Conahay holding student of the month certificate in plumbing shop

Devin is a share time student in plumbing who is very dedicated to his work. He decided to go into this academy because he was interested in being in a trade, and plumbing looked the most interesting to him. In his academy, he is very hard working. Carl Carbone, the plumbing academy teacher, called Devin “a true MCST success story”. Through being at tech, Mr. Carbone has described Devin as “a true leader who inspires younger students”. Even Devin noted that he is most proud of how his academy has shaped him as a person. He is committed to his academy both inside and outside of school. Mr. Carbone mentioned that one of his accomplishments has been being a last-minute replacement for a Skills USA competition. According to Mr. Carbone, he went into it “full steam” and “performed in an outstanding manner”. Not only does he practice his skills at tech, but brings his experience to his community as well. Devin also volunteers at charity events for the Bloomingdale Fire Dept. Mr. Carbone is incredibly proud of Devin and notes him as “ a true ambassador for our program and our school.


Lexi Robinson a Junior in the Academy for Education and Learning has been named September student of the month for full-time programs.

Photo of Lexi Robinson holding student of the month certificate in the preschool classroom


Lexi Robinson is a full-time student in the academy for Education and Learning. She chose to go to this academy because she has always looked up to her teachers. She has “always thought of an educator as a person who opens the doorway to new opportunities for students.” She is passionate about helping and guiding her future students to new possibilities. Laura Dessel, a math teacher here, described Lexi as: “such a warm and caring young woman. She is always happy to help out her peers, whether that is to let them copy her notes because they were absent or to help by answering their questions.” Lexi is very dedicated to her academics as well as her academy work. She takes all honors and AP classes as well as teaching young children and working hard on lesson plans. She is creative and strives to make her lesson plans exciting and engaging to the preschoolers. She mentions that she loves being able to teach young children at her age. She talks about how rewarding it is to see them smiling with excitement over what they have learned. Ms. Dessel notes that “No matter how busy or stressed Lexi feels, she always has a smile on her face and she is always ready and willing to help someone else.” Lexi is a model student who is committed to her work inside and outside of her academy.