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January Students of the Month

Steven Batte a Junior in Auto Services has been named January 2019 student of the month for share time programs. 
"Steve is a diligent worker and a conscientious student. He puts forth a full effort in all areas. Steve goes above and beyond in the classroom and the shop to help other students. He consistently displays the positive attitude and focus needed to succeed." 
Jeff Chase - Instructor Automotive Services

Sofia Gonzalez a Sophomore in the Academy for Education and Learning has been named January 2019 student of the month for full-time programs.
"Sofia is an amazing young woman. She is in all honors classes and is a straight A student. She is warm and approachable. Sofia recognized that a student she sat near in class was having difficulty understanding some of the concepts. She took it upon herself to start meeting with the student several times a week to help her in class. She was discreet about her actions and was never looking to get any recognition for this unselfish act of kindness. She has a heart of gold."
Laura Dessel - Teacher of Mathematics