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Podcast "Honorable Mention" Accolade

NPR (National Public Radio) held the very first NPR Student Podcast Challenge. This contest was organized by NPR’s education team and set out to highlight student voices and give students an authentic audience for their projects.  NPR received nearly 6,000 entries from all over the country. Journalists at NPR listened to every one of those podcasts to pick one winner from grades 5-8 and one winner from high school.  

Several of the English classes participated in this contest by having students write and produce their own podcasts. The judges recently informed the classes that two entries received honorable mention.

Please join us in congratulating the following students for their standout submissions from Mrs. Mohrle's English II Honors class:

"Let's Talk About It: Time for a Change" written and produced by sophomores Bella Cagiannos, Anisah Daniel and Claudia Luzuriaga.  

"90 Minutes, Begin," written and produced by sophomores Sofia Gonzalez and Saloni Patel.  

NPR will be sending these groups a certificate in recognition of  their outstanding work. 

Great job students!