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May Student of the Month

Matthew Rulloda a Senior in Food Services has been named May student of the month for share-time programs.

"Matt has been the most dedicated, team player over the last 2 years.  He always takes the lead when extra clean up is required. He has helped 1st year students that have struggled and always is POSITIVE! Matt is moving on to study next year at CCM - he is a fantastic student, always looking out for his classmates.

Gina McNeil - Teacher of Fundamentals of Food Service


Ananya Singh a Junior in the Academy for Visual & Performing Arts - Multimedia has been named May student of the month for full-time programs.
"Ananya is a well-rounded student and very passionate about the environment. She is actively involved in the Environmental Club and other organizations outside the school that are committed to making positive change regarding the planet."
Rocio Felix - Teacher of Spanish