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Intel Expands Its AI for Workforce Program to Include Morris County Vocational School District


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Intel Expands Its AI for Workforce Program to Include Morris County Vocational School District

First high school in NJ to implement the Intel AI Program

Denville, NJ (8/3/21) – Intel is expanding its Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Workforce Program and partnering with Morris County Vocational School District along with 18 community colleges across the country in 11 states, including Arizona, California, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin. This expansion will enable hundreds of thousands of students to land careers in high-tech, healthcare, automotive, industrial, and aerospace fields.

“We are excited to announce the first two modules (Awareness and Foundation) of the Intel AI program will be implemented as part of the junior year of the Academy for Computer & Information Sciences,” said Shari Castelli, assistant superintendent of Morris County Vocational School District.” “The district is the first high school program in New Jersey to adopt and implement the program.”

Spanning the 18 participating community colleges, including Morris County Vocational School District, over 30 high school students this year will take part in a portion of the AI for Workforce Program.

Castelli said, “the future plan is to offer the entire program (all five modules - Awareness, Foundation, Experience, Capstone, and Practical Training) as a new share-time program in partnership with the County College of Morris.”

Community colleges offer the opportunity to democratize AI technology since they attract a diverse array of students with various backgrounds and expertise. The future expansion of the program with the County College of Morris will provide access and opportunities to a broad group of students in these fields, including those in underrepresented and underserved communities and offer the technological skills needed for the job market. Students will learn traditional skills, such as data collection, AI model training, coding, and explore the societal impact of AI technology. Additionally, students will develop a social impact of AI project, working closely with teachers and Intel mentors.

As the country faces record unemployment rates, it is more important than ever to reskill Americans for future employment opportunities. In a 2021 co-branded Dell and Intel survey, AI and machine learning are the area of study most anticipated to increase in demand over the next three years. According to the same survey, AI skills were surveyed as the second most in-demand skill behind cybersecurity. Additionally, 50% of community college educators anticipate AI and machine learning (AI/ML) as the area of study most expected to increase in demand over the next three years. At four-year institutions, 64% of educators anticipate the largest increase of interest will be in AI/ML studies, followed by cybersecurity. Furthermore, 69% of respondents sensed employer demand for AI technical skills increasing, with 73% expecting AI literacy skills to become higher in-demand by employers.

Intel launched its AI for Workforce Program, piloted by Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) in 2020, which provides AI content to community colleges across the nation. Now Morris County Vocational School District is a part of the larger program to provide students technology skills needed for current and future jobs. 

The Morris County Vocational School District ( provides vocational and enrichment programs that inspire and prepare students to succeed in today’s world and pursue tomorrow’s opportunities. The Academy for Computer & Information Sciences, located at Morris County School of Technology in Denville, is a four-year, full-time public high school program.

The Academy for Computer & Information Sciences provides students with a comprehensive overview of computer programming, internet technology, computer architecture, history of computers, mathematics for programming, network security, and software engineering.

An eighth-grade student eligible to attend a Morris County high school may consider applying to an Academy of the Morris County Vocational School District during open application period (September – November). For more information, contact Gina DiDomenico, Community Relations at or 973-627-4600 ext. 277.

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