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Students in the Academy for Global Commerce Win 1st Place

Students in the Academy for Global Commerce Win 1st Place

NY Metro Business Plan Competition 


Students in the Academy for Global Commerce won 1st place in the NY Metro Business Plan Competition for their Virtual Enterprises International course which was held at Fairleigh Dickinson University. 

The students work together to determine their product, develop and execute a marketing strategy, participate in trade shows, engage in online selling via their website, prepare and analyze financial results, and run their company virtually in a network with other high schools worldwide. Their company, BevBlast, is taking an innovative approach to combating the plastic-polluted beverage industry through a delicious beverage that is both organic and zero-waste. 

In addition, the students placed first in the Social Media Competition. Ultimately, winning $50,000 in virtual money. The firm also received 1st place for Booth Design at the Trade Show and 2nd place in the Sales Pitch competition. The business plan team will be competing in the National Competition in NYC in April. 

Pictured (Left to Right): Priya Patel, Alexa Skibitsky, Aadya Holla, Aastha Motwani, Riya Dadheech, Vaidehi Unnithan, Ameya Santosh, Sahithya Venkatesh, Gianna Grillo, Bhaumi Bhatt, Sofia Calvi, Shraddha Mamidipaka, Mischa Parekh, Rajvi Maniar, Ethan Chau, Neal Maheshwari, Krrish Saraf, Jason Zhang, Brandon Kratzel, Mark Purrington, Patrick Konior, Shreyas Srinivasan, Matthew Knape


BevBlast approaches the beverage industry with a unique and creative take on beverages. Plastic is ravaging our environment and the beverage industry is responsible for over 31% of the plastic pollution in the world. We use state-of the-art technology to create a delicious compact sphere that disintegrates as soon as it hits water. Known as a Blast, BevBlast’s product offers a variety of flavors to infuse into your water, enabling an aesthetic drinking experience. Blasts are 100% organic, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and halal making them a safe and simple alternative, using only 3 ingredients. In addition, BevBlast promotes eco-friendly practices and strives to save the planet. As a unique experience, BevBlast is the leading VE beverage company that has successfully provided quality, eco-friendly options, and aesthetics to all customers. BevBlast is battling this pressing environmental issue by promoting the use of reusable water bottles rather than plastic bottles. BevBlast allows customers to not only enjoy deliciously flavored drinks but also participate in the movement to eliminate plastic waste and save the environment one Blast at a time. Follow on Instagram and TikTok for updates on BevBlast's journey.


The Academy for Global Commerce, located at the Morris County School of Technology in Denville, focuses on Finance or Supply Chain Management, with all Academy students having exposure to the foundations of both, as well as the foundations of general business. The Finance concentration includes how to plan, manage and analyze the financial and monetary aspects and performance of business enterprises, banking institutions, or other organizations. Supply Chain Management includes developing the knowledge and management skills necessary to build and maintain an effective supply chain. This track includes, but is not limited to, instruction in project management, business decision-making, logistics, business ethics, continuous improvement strategies, sustainability, and creating and maintaining business relationships. In today’s world, commerce is inherently global; connected to and dependent upon international supply chains and financial institutions.