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EDAM Students Participate in NASA HUNCH 

EDAM Students Participate in NASA HUNCH 

On Wednesday, February 22, students from the Share Time Engineering Design & Advanced Manufacturing (EDAM) program in partnership with the County College of Morris met with Dr. Flo Gold of NASA.

EDAM Students are participants in the NASA HUNCH program, or High-school students United with NASA to Create Hardware. As the sole supplier of stowage lockers for the International Space Station, NASA enlists the help of our students to fabricate components for these lockers.

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Housed in the Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Center, our EDAM students are equipped with modern, advanced equipment that puts manufacturing at their fingertips. As such, they embark on some of the most complicated parts that NASA needs. Students in the EDAM program are enrolled in college courses focusing on engineering and manufacturing. This unique program equips them with the tools and skills needed to excel as a 21st century engineer. With NASA, they hope to take their experience to new heights with this “out-of-this world” real-life opportunity.

Students in 10th grade interested in Advanced Manufacturing may apply for this Share Time Program until April 7th via the online application. 


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