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Letters for Change

Dylan Cortegana was named a finalist for the 2023 Local Letters for Global Change contest.

Local Letters for Global Change is a writing contest held by the Pulitzer Foundation for Education in which students write a letter to a local elected representative that explains the global issue they want them to prioritize, shows how it connects to their local community, and proposes a solution.

Grade 10 students participate in the competition as an assignment in their English class.

Dylan’s letter was selected from among nearly 800 entries representing fifteen countries, 26 states, and the District of Columbia. It is published on the Pulitzer Center website. 

Additionally, Addison Krowska, Amber Liu, Emilia Murdzoski, Kaitlin Oroszlany, and Pranav Sureshkumar were also acknowledged for writing letters that made “the long-list”- the top 6% of entries that advanced to the final round of judging.