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Culinary Arts & Hospitality Students Compete in Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Jeunes

The County College of Morris and the new Culinary and Hospitality Arts Institute of New Jersey hosted their first Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Jeunes Chefs competition with the Bailliage Joseph Donon. The contest encourages and promotes the culinary expertise of young Chefs under the age of 27 by exposing them to a competitive environment with their peers.


Students from Morris County Vocational School District's Share Time Culinary Arts and Hospitality program (CAST) had the opportunity to compete in the competition. Two CAST students showcased their talents and creativity in a fair, unbiased, and professional forum.


The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs is the world’s oldest international gastronomic society, founded in France in 1248. It is devoted to preserving the camaraderie and pleasures of the table and to promoting excellence in all areas of the hospitality arts. Each year the society sponsors young chef competitions that attract contestants from throughout the world, while the Chaîne Foundation provides scholarships for students in these fields.


The Bailliage Joseph Donon is specifically dedicated to students (18 to 35) and professionals to help them develop a community, cultivate a thriving professional network, participate in organizing events, develop interpersonal professional skills, and an appreciation for the arts of the table, be it in culinary, wine, service standards and elevated customer experience.


The name of our Bailliage pays homage to Chef Joseph Donon, who was an apprentice of Auguste Escoffier and who served as the Chef of the Twombly family at their mansion in Florham Park, NJ.


A team of ten professional chefs were on hand to supervise and judge the chefs and their work and give feedback on their performance. After three hours of preparation, the chefs began presenting their dishes: four plates each of Appetizer, Entrée, and Dessert all within 45 minutes.



Pictured: Maynor Cardona-Molina Jeune Chef - Winner for the Midlantic Region! Maynor is a Culinary Arts & Hospitality second year student. Maynor has qualified for the Chaine Nationals in Seattle, WA in June!

The Culinary Arts & Hospitality Program is run by a partnership between Morris County Vocational School District and County College of Morris.  A share time program designed to fulfill the needs of a student interested in becoming a chef or jumping straight into the hospitality industry. High school juniors and seniors from Morris County will have the opportunity to take culinary courses that are career-focused and earn college credit!


These college-level courses offer three possible pathways after graduation for career advancement:

1) Direct entry into the workforce with certification and credit

2) One-year completion of an Associate’s Degree

3) Transfer with advanced standing to a four- year college or university



• Housed in CCM’s state-of-the-art kitchen and dining room

• Earn 36 CCM college credits by the end of the program

• Strong private and public-sector Hospitality & Culinary industry partners who offer work-based learning experiences


Start off with Classical French Techniques and an Introduction to Baking. Move on to restaurant-style service and a real food truck experience. Make a three-tier wedding cake and design your own restaurant concept. Join the "Chaine des Rotisseurs" in your second year: Food and Wine Gastronomy Society (


10th grade students may apply for this Share Time Program via the online application until April 1st, 2024.