October 21, 2020


The GSA club will be meeting today, Wednesday October 21st, at 3pm. New and current members are encouraged to attend. If you would like to attend, but are not in the google classroom, please email Ms. Katz or Mrs. Brooks for the link. We hope to see you there!!!

Need to get back to a routine and in shape for before your winter sport? Get in shape in the comfort of your home by joining virtual fitness club! Fitness club meets 2x a week via zoom. Email Ms. Maday in order to get on the ZOOM list and receive the ZOOM password







Today is the third day we are observing School Violence Awareness Week and we've got our yellow on. Our goal for today is: Resolve conflicts peacefully. There are many useful strategies to help you have a peaceful resolution to your conflicts such as: compromising/making a deal, agree to disagree, walk away until you cool off, help from an adult, talk it out and listen to one another and always think before you speak. Sometimes friends even need a break from each other too. Remember yelling, name calling and blaming are not examples of solving conflicts peacefully. No matter how angry you get violence is never the answer!