March 2020 Meeting Minutes

Morris County School of Technology
PTO Meeting Minutes
March 24, 2020 -  7:00pm


President - Denise Curran
Vice President - Chris Sirica
Secretary - Adriane Eoga
Treasurer - Erin McDermid
Online Platforms/Technology Chair - Lisa Tubbs
Membership Chair - Sandra Vojta
Hospitality Chair - Mara Young
Scholarship Chair - Rebecca Stotler


18 parents were in attendance via Zoom due to COVID-19 Pandemic stay at home order

Fundraising Report: 
BINGO is cancelled/postponed.  The Town of Denville will hold the licensing checks until further notice.


Treasurer’s Report: Erin McDermid
No outstanding reimbursements other than the application fee.


Scholarship Chair’s Report: Rebecca Stotler
The application is updated and Ms. Brooks has been notified.  There are 18 seniors eligible and 3 scholarships available.  Ms. Borzeka and the Guidance Department are aware of the Luke Warbeck Scholarship.


Update from Ms. Jackson:  The 3rd quarter is pass/fail.  Graduation is planned to happen at Mennen Arena as of now.  Project Graduation may or may not be cancelled.  No determinations for prom, graduation and Project Graduation have been made.


The PTO needs a VP for next year.  PTO VP responsibilities include working with the President and other board members to communicate the PTO’s long-range plan, work out issues as they arise and participate in executive board discussions and decision making.  This would include: fundraising ideas, teacher luncheons and grants, scholarships and growing PTO membership.   The PTO board has one meeting over the summer before the start of school and then holds meetings which are open to parents/teachers in Sept, Nov, Jan, Mar and May.  Anyone interested should contact Denise Curran, PTO President or any PTO Board Member.


The PTO needs a Scholarship Chair for next year. Anyone interested should contact Denise Curran, PTO President or any PTO Board Member.

Adjourn – 8:10 PM